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Hood is a surname, and may refer to:




Fictional characters[edit]

Military personnel[edit]



  • Basil Hood, a British librettist and lyricist
  • Daniel Hood, a modern American novelist
  • Sam Hood, Australian photographer and photojournalist
  • Sean Hood, an American screenwriter
  • Stuart Hood, a Scottish novelist and former controller of the BBC
  • Thomas Hood, British poet and humorist
  • Tom Hood (1835–1874), an English humorist and playwright


  • Archibald Hood, Scottish coalowner
  • Cherry Hood, an Australian artist
  • George Hood, (1891-1928), a New Zealand pioneer aviator who perished attempting the first flight across the Tasman Sea.
  • James Hood, one of the first black students to enroll in the University of Alabama
  • Raymond Hood, an early twentieth-century architect