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The Hornet was a British boys' comic published by D. C. Thomson & Co. for 648 issues[1] from 14 September 1963[2][3] to 7 February 1976, after which it was merged with The Hotspur.[4] The free gift with the first issue was a balsa wood "Kestral Glider".[4]

Notable strips and characters[edit]

  • The Blazing Ace of Space - starring Richard Starr, a ruthless World War II fighter pilot
  • V for Vengeance (1965–75; 1976–80 The Hotspur) - starring the Deathless Men, masked concentration camp escapees who first appeared in prose format in The Wizard in 1942.[5]
  • William Wilson, first appeared in prose format in The Wizard in 1943, appeared in picture form in The Hornet starting on 12 September 1964.[6][7]


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