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Nick Brennan is a British cartoonist[1] who works mainly for D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. He started drawing for the company in 1993, drawing a revival of Peter Piper from The Dandy, revived from The Magic Comic, but looking nothing like Watkins' creation, instead sporting an Elvis-like hairdo and purple jumper.

January 1994 saw his next work Blinky, a revamp of the nephew of Colonel Blink from The Beezer who had first appeared in the merged Beezer and Topper in 1990.

In 1997, Brennan drew a comic strip for a vote for The Beano which was called "Crazy for Daisy", and, along with Tim Traveller by Vic Neill, won the vote, followed by another strip, Pinky's Crackpot Circus, in 2004, and in 2006, a revival of "Brassneck" and "Noah's Ark". These last three are all from The Dandy. He also used to draw Sneaker for The Dandy.

In the 2000s, Brennan occasionally ghosted Nicky Nutjob, and contributed to the Fun Size Dandy/Fun Size Beano comics. In addition, Brennan was the artist for Billy Whizz in The Beano from autumn 2009 until 2012.

Nick Brennan appeared a few times in The Dandy after its October 2010 revamp drawing Watch this Space and Professor Cheese's Olympic Wheezes. Reprints of Blinky, Pinky's Crackpot Circus, Brassneck and Sneaker were also used during 2012. In the final print edition of The Dandy, Brennan drew Blinky, Peter Piper and Pinky's Crackpot Circus. A reprint of Hyde and Shriek was also used.

In the relaunched Digital Dandy, Brennan produced Blinky and Sneaker with both stories being animated by his wife, Fran.

In addition to comic work, Brennan undertakes private and commercial commissions (family caricatures, event posters and suchlike) and runs cartoon workshops, such as the Art of Stories Festival at the Eden Project.[2]

Brennan's work appears in the 2017 Dandy Annual ('Blinky' and 'Pinky's Crackpot Circus') and he is working on scripts and artwork for the 2018 edition.


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