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Ken H. Harrison (born c. 1940) is an artist at DC Thomson, who drew Robbie Rebel, Big Brad Wolf and Lord Snooty for The Beano, The Hootlink title Squad for Hoot (later reprinted as The Beano's The Riot Squad), The Broons and Oor Wullie for The Sunday Post, Skookum Skool, Spookum Skool and The Snookums for Buzz and Cracker comics.[1]

He drew Desperate Dan for The Dandy between 1983 and 2007 until The Dandy was revamped, when it became 1940s Dudley Watkins reprints before Jamie Smart (My Own Genie artist) took over. For the last few years of its existence, he also drew the front cover illustration for Classics from the Comics. Until 2012 he drew Minnie the Minx from The Beano, in a style reminiscent of original artist Leo Baxendale.


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