House of Deputies (Austria)

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House of Deputies

Coat of arms or logo
Lesser coat of arms of Cisleithania (1915–1918)
Gustav Groß (last)
Seats516 (from 1907)
Meeting place
Reichsrat 1907.jpg
Debating chamber of the House of Deputies
Austrian Parliament Building
Plenary hall of the House of Deputies in the Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna

The House of Deputies (German: Abgeordnetenhaus, Czech: Poslanecká sněmovna, Polish: Izba Posłów, Italian: Camera dei deputati) was, from 1861, the lower house of the bicameral Imperial Council parliament of the Austrian Empire and, from 1867 to 1918, of the Cisleithanian lands within Austria-Hungary. The upper chamber was the House of Lords.

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