House of Representatives of South Africa

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House of Representatives
Raad van Verteënwoordigers
Established 1984
Disbanded 1994
Preceded by Coloured Persons' Representative Council
Succeeded by National Assembly
Last election
6 September 1989
Meeting place
Houses of Parliament
Cape Town
Cape Province, South Africa

The House of Representatives of South Africa (Afrikaans: Raad van Verteënwoordigers van Suid-Afrika) was an 80-seat body in the Tricameral Parliament of South Africa which existed from 1984-1994. It was reserved for Coloured South Africans. The body was elected twice; in 1984 and 1989.


In 1984, the House was dominated by the Labour Party, which won 76 of the 80 seats.

In 1989, the Labour Party lost support but still maintained a majority of seats with 69. Other parties represented included the Democratic Reform Party, United Democratic Party, Freedom Party and 2 independents. The 1989 house was almost entirely dominated by men, with only 1 female elected.[1]

Election Date Total seats Labour Party Others Indep.
1984 election 22 August 1984 80 76 3 1
1989 election 6 September 1989 80 69 9 2