Hujr ibn 'Adi Mosque

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Hujr ibn 'Adi Mosque
مسجد حجر بن عدي
Hujr ibne Adi Mosque Minaret.jpg
Minaret view
Basic information
Location Syria Adra, Syria
Affiliation Shia Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Hujr ibn 'Adi's shrine before being desecrated

Hujr ibn 'Adi Mosque is a mosque in Adra, Syria. It is named after Hujr ibn 'Adi who was one of the Sahabah.

Hujr and his son Humaam ibn Hajar are buried in Adra, in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus. A mosque has been built around his grave and is a pilgrimage site for Muslims.

Desecration of shrine[edit]

On 2 May 2013, during the Syrian Civil War, foreign-backed extremists (allegedly from the Wahhabi movement) attacked the mausoleum and exhumed his remains.[1] His body was taken to an unknown location by the rebels.[2] According to a report published in the New York Times, a widely distributed Facebook photo of the desecration of the pilgrimage site gives credit for the exhumation to a man named Abu Anas al-Wazir, or Abu al-Baraa, a leader of a military group called the Islam Brigade of the Free Syrian Army.[3]

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