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Hung Huang at TEDxBeijing

Hung Huang (Chinese: 洪晃; pinyin: Hóng Huàng) is of Chinese descent, and is a television host, author, actress,[1] blogger,[2] media figure, and the publisher of the fashion magazine iLook. A CNN article stated that she had been referred to as "China's answer to Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour."[3] Since early 2012, she has written a weekly column called ChinaFile for Women's Wear Daily.[4]

Hung's mother, Zhang Hanzhi,[2] worked as a translator and as an English tutor for Mao Zedong.[3][5] Her mother and her father, Hong Junyan (洪君彦), divorced in 1973. Zhang then married Qiao Guanhua.[6] Qiao, Hung's stepfather, was the Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China in the 1970s.[5] Hung's mother was later accused of collaborating with the "Gang of Four" and was placed under house arrest for two years.[3] Hung attended Vassar College.[5] She was once married to, but has since divorced with, film director Chen Kaige.[7] Hung worked in factories until 1998, when she agreed to take over the publication of Look, a magazine that is now known as I-Look.[8]


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