Hydra (Satariel album)

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Satariel - Hydra.jpg
Studio album by Satariel
Released 2005
Recorded 2004 Sweden
Genre Melodic death metal
Label Cold Records
Regain Records(Europe)
Candlelight Records(USA)
Satariel chronology
Phobos & Deimos

Hydra is the third studio album by the melodic death metal band Satariel. Pär Johansson's clean vocals are used more frequently than in their previous CDs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Freedom Fall
  2. Be you Angel, Be you Beast
  3. Claw the Clouds
  4. Vengeance Is Hers
  5. For Galaxies To Clash
  6. The Springrise
  7. Scattering the Timeweb
  8. 300 Years Old
  9. Nihil Juggernaut
  10. No God Loves