Hynčice (Vražné)

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For other locations sharing the same name, see Hynčice (disambiguation).
Birth house of Gregor Mendel

Hynčice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈɦɪntʃɪtsɛ], German: Heinzendorf bei Odrau) is a little Silesian village, administratively part of Vražné municipality, located about 13 km west of Nový Jičín in Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic. According to 2001 census it had 58 houses and population of 232.

The village is best known for being the birthplace of Gregor Mendel while being named Heinzendorf.

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Coordinates: 49°37′8″N 17°50′7″E / 49.61889°N 17.83528°E / 49.61889; 17.83528