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I-Pass adult.jpg
LaunchedDecember 2007
ManageriPASS Corporation
CurrencyNew Taiwan dollar (NT$10,000 maximum load)
Stored-valuePay as you go
Credit expiryNone

The iPASS (Chinese: 一卡通) is a contactless smartcard operated by the iPASS Corporation. Starting from February 13, 2017, both EasyCard and iPASS in Taiwan are accepted for virtually all public transport including Kaohsiung Metro, Taipei Metro, buses and TRA. It also serves as an electronic wallet. It is available for purchase at all Kaohsiung and Taipei metro stations, and some convenience stores.


The iPASS was originally operated by KRTC. It was released in 2007 and began to operate in 2008 along with the opening of KMRT. In 2014, the operation of iPASS was transferred to iPASS Corporation.

Scope of usage[edit]

As of 1 September 2015, the scope of usage is:

Types of cards[edit]

  • Adult: 15% discount for Kaohsiung Metro, and 20% discount for Taipei Metro. May apply for 1~2 day pass.
  • Student/Student ID Pass: 25% discount for Kaohsiung Metro, and 20% discount for Taipei Metro. NT$2 discount for buses in Kaohsiung per section.
  • Senior/Disabled: 50% discount for KMRT. May take buses in Kaohsiung free of charge.
  • Partner of Disabled: Same discount as Disabled cards when accompanying the disabled for KMRT. NT$2 discount for buses in Kaohsiung per section.
  • iPASS Credit Card: Issued by banks. Same as Adult, but is capable of adding value automatically.
  • Special cards: Same as Adult or Student but with unique appearances, most commonly associated with events. Limited availability.

Adult and Student cards cost NT$100.


As of 1 September 2015, the Adult card is sold at:

  • All Kaohsiung and Taipei metro stations
  • OK convenience stores
  • Hi-life convenience stores
  • FamilyMart convenience stores
  • 7-11 convenience stores
  • Some Pingtung bus stations
  • Tainan bus station at TRA Tainan station.


The iPASS is a contactless card. Simply holding the card in the vicinity of a scanner would complete the transaction. As of 2015/9/1, the locations that provide add-value services are as follows: