IVL K.1 Kurki

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K.1 Kurki
IVL K.1 Kurki.jpg
Role Trainer aircraft
Manufacturer Ilmailuvoimien lentokonetehdas
First flight March 30, 1927
Primary user Finnish Air Force
Number built 1

IVL K.1 Kurki was a prototype for a four-seated, high-wing trainer aircraft, which was designed in 1927 by IVL. The designer was Asser Järvinen and the prototype was manufactured at the IVL plant at Suomenlinna. The aircraft made its maiden flight on March 30, 1927. Only one aircraft was manufactured.

The aircraft was both over weight and too heavy in the front. It had poor flight characteristics. The Finnish Air Force only flew the aircraft 13 hours.


Päijät-Häme Aviation museum has stored the only Kurki manufactured.



Specifications (K.1)[edit]

Data from Thulinista Hornettiin

General characteristics



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