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Igors Kazanovs (Russian: Игорь Яковлевич Казанов; born September 24, 1963) is a former hurdler. Born in Daugavpils, he represented the Soviet Union and later Latvia. He was a soldier in the Soviet army[citation needed]. In the 110 metres hurdles, he finished fifth in the 1987 World Championship final and sixth in the 1993 World Championship final, having ran his personal best of 13.26 seconds in the semifinals. In the 60 metres hurdles, he won four European Indoor gold medals and was a two-time medallist at the World Indoor Championships. He also competed at two Olympic Games.

He has a wife and two daughters.[1]

Competition record[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing the  Soviet Union
1984 Friendship Games Moscow, Soviet Union 5th 110 m hurdles 13.76
1985 European Indoor Championships Piraeus, Greece 9th (sf) 60 m hurdles 7.75
1986 Goodwill Games Moscow, Soviet Union 6th 110 m hurdles 13.50
1987 World Championships Rome, Italy 5th 110 m hurdles 13.48
1989 European Indoor Championships Hague, Netherlands 28th (h) 60 m hurdles 8.19
World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 3rd 60 m hurdles 7.59
1990 European Indoor Championships Glasgow, United Kingdom 1st 60 m hurdles 7.52
Goodwill Games Seattle, United States 5th 110 m hurdles 13.71
European Championships Split, Yugoslavia DNF (f) 110 m hurdles 13.54 (sf)
1991 World Indoor Championships Seville, Spain 2nd 60 m hurdles 7.47
World Championships Tokyo, Japan 9th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.65
Representing  Latvia
1992 European Indoor Championships Genoa, Italy 1st 60 m hurdles 7.55
Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain 11th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.77
1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto, Canada 5th 60 m hurdles 7.55
World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 6th 110 m hurdles 13.38
1994 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 14th (sf) 60 m hurdles 7.75
Goodwill Games St. Petersburg, Russia 6th 110 m hurdles 14.02
1995 World Indoor Championships Barcelona, Spain 17th (h) 60 m hurdles 7.80
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 12th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.61
1996 European Indoor Championships Stockholm, Sweden 1st 60 m hurdles 7.59
Olympic Games Atlanta, United States 16th (sf) 110 m hurdles 14.13
1997 World Indoor Championships Paris, France 22nd (h) 60 m hurdles 7.86
1998 European Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 1st 60 m hurdles 7.54
European Championships Budapest, Hungary 22nd (h) 110 m hurdles 14.04
1999 World Indoor Championships Maebashi, Japan 13th (h) 60 m hurdles 7.69
(#) indicates overall position in qualifying heats (h) or semifinals (sf) DNF (f) = Did not finish in the final


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