Ikema Island

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Ikema Island
Native name:
Ikema-jima (池間島)
Ikemajima Okinawa Japan01s3s2010.jpg
Aerial view of Ikema-jima from southeast
Miyako map.jpg
Ikema Island is located to the north of Miyako Island
LocationOkinawa Prefecture
Coordinates24°55′N 125°15′E / 24.917°N 125.250°E / 24.917; 125.250
ArchipelagoMiyako Islands
Area2.83[1] km2 (1.09 sq mi)
Highest elevation28 m (92 ft)
Highest pointUnknown
Population 774[2] (2018)

Ikema Island (池間島, Ikema-jima, Miyako: Ikyaama (イキャーマ)), is located to the north of Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The island is connected to Miyako Island with a 1,425-metre-long (4,675 ft) bridge, which was completed in February 1992 [3]. There is a pond in the centre of the island. To the north-east is the Ikema-jima Block Beach (池間島ブロックビーチ). The variety of Miyako language spoken here is also called Ikema (Ikima in the vernacular). It is set apart from closely related language variants by its lexical word-tone system.[4]

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