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Imragen / ⵉⵎⵔⴰⴳⴻⵏ
Native to Mauritania
Region Cape Timiris to Nouadhibou
Ethnicity Imraguen people
Native speakers
530?[1] (2000)[2]
(ethnic population?)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ime (retired)
Glottolog (insufficiently attested or not a distinct language)

Imraguen (Imragen, ⵉⵎⵔⴰⴳⴻⵏ) is a language variety spoken by several hundred members of an Imraguen fishing tribe in the Banc d'Arguin National Park on the Atlantic coast of Mauritania. According to Gerteiny (1967), it is "a strange version of Hassaniyya restructured on an Azêr base"; Hassaniyya is an Arabic dialect and Azer is a Soninke dialect. According to Fortier (2004), the Imraguen speak the same language as the Nemadi, Hassaniyya. Younger generations are shifting to more standard Hassaniyya.

The name "Imraguen" itself is a Berber word imragen meaning "fishermen".

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