Gbandi people

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The Gbandi
Regions with significant populations
Gbandi religion, Islam, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Loko, Mende, Kpelle, Loma, Zialo, Gola, Vai

Gbandi (or Bandi, Bande, Gbande, Gbunde) is an ethnic group of Liberia. It is also the language traditionally spoken by these people.


The population is estimated at 107,000 people; of which many have fled to Guinea during the Liberian Civil War. Gbandi people practice Islam and Christianity, as well as some traditional beliefs.[1]


Gbandi is a Southwestern Mande language. There are six dialects of the language: Tahamba, Wawana, Wulukoha, Hasala, Lukasa, and Hembeh.[1]


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