India (given name)

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Gender female
Meaning From the name of the country India
Other names
Nickname(s) Indy, Indie, Dia

India is a feminine given name derived from the name of the country India, which takes its name from the Indus River.[1] The name was used for India Wilkes, a character in the novel and movie Gone with the Wind. Its use for girls in England began during the British rule in India during the 19th century. It has been used for daughters of aristocratic families in England that had ties to Colonial India, such as India Hicks.

The name has ranked in the top 1,000 most popular names for girls in the United States since 1970. It was the 690th most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007, down from 567th place in 2006. Prior to 1970, it had last ranked among the top 1,000 names given to girls in that country between 1900 and 1910.[2] It has been in use in the United States as a girls name since at least 1880, the earliest year records are available.[3] It was the 217th most popular name for girls born in England and Wales in 2007.[4]

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