Inés Duarte, secretaria

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Inés Duarte, secretaria
Genre Telenovela
Created by Alicia Barrios
Directed by Rafael Gómez
Starring Amanda Gutiérrez
Víctor Cámara
Mariano Álvarez
Rebeca Costoya
Opening theme
Ending theme Todo es un Circulo by Melissa
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 238
Executive producer(s) Oscar Ibarra Moreno
Location(s) Caracas
Cinematography Yasmin Gonzalez
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Venevisión
Distributor Venevisión International
Original network Venevisión
Original release November 1, 1990 (1990-11-01) – October 28, 1991 (1991-10-28)
Followed by Bellísima (1991)
Related shows Buenos días, Isabel (1980)
Amor secreto (2015)

Inés Duarte, secretaria is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión in 1990 and written by Alicia Barrios as a free version of the telenovela Buenos días, Isabel written by Delia Fiallo. This telenovela lasted 238 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.[1]

Amanda Gutierrez and Víctor Cámara starred as the main protagonists with Rebeca Costoya as the main antagonist.[2]


Ines Duarte is the kind of secretary that every executive dreams of: efficient, intelligent, dedicated and dependable. As a woman, however, Ines is mousy, drab and insignificant. The victim of an overbearing, overprotective mother, she has grown up with very low self-esteem and little interest in making herself attractive to men. For her boss, Andres Martan, a young millionaire in charge of a giant corporation, Ines is an indispensable employee but nothing more. A bitter and selfish widower with three children, Andres is too busy dealing with personal and professional problems to notice that Ines's loyalty is in reality a deep secret love, and that making him happy is her only goal in life. To achieve this goal, Ines must endure many ordeals and injustices.... and experiences an astonishing metamorphosis that will, finally, make her the woman Andres truly wants. Emotion, suspense, exciting plot twists and unexpected events make the story of Ines Duarte, Secretaria, an unforgettable one. Its excellent production and outstanding cast are guaranteed to turn this successful Venezuelan novel into an instant international hit.


  • Amanda Gutierrez as Inés Duarte
  • Víctor Cámara as Andrés Martán
  • Mariano Alvarez as Carlos Javier Martán
  • Rebeca Costoya as Raquel Mendivle
  • Carolina Lopez as Laura Campeche
  • Eva Blanco as Regina Duarte
  • Chony Fuentes as Lucrecia Martán
  • Agustina Martin as Victoria Martán
  • Judith Vasquez as Samantha Campeche
  • Helianta Cruz as Virginia Duarte
  • Mauricio Gonzalez as Santiago Luján
  • Luis Gerardo Nuñez as Roberto Suárez
  • Sandra Juhasz as Zuleica Torres
  • Barbara Mosquera as Amelia Ferro
  • Viviana Saez as Viviana
  • Andreina Sanchez as Adriana Siver
  • Juan Carlos Vivas as Andres "Junior" Martán
  • Rossana Termini as Elisa Martán
  • Asdrubal Blanco as David Martán
  • Veruska Garcia as Laurita Martán
  • Ricardo Garcia as Cornelio
  • Aidita Artigas as Tomasa
  • Chumico Romero
  • Marcelo Rodriguez as Nico
  • Carolina Cristancho
  • Nancy Gonzalez as Agustina Termini
  • Luis Malave as Hermes
  • Marco A. Casanova as Anibal
  • Ricardo Blanco
  • Henry Salvat
  • Jenifer Dinisio as Diana
  • Yelitza Hernandez as Sonia
  • Rafael Romero
  • Elizabeth Morales as Anais
  • Carolina Perdigon as Maria Lucia
  • Maria Elena Heredia as Nela



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