Mi ex me tiene ganas

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Mi ex me tiene ganas
¡3 Ex, 3 historias, 3 amigas, 1 misterio!
Poster Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas.jpg
Genre Telenovela, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Horror
Created by Martín Hahn
Directed by Yuri Delgado
Starring Daniela Alvarado
Luciano D'Alessandro
Lilibeth Morillo
Norkys Batista
Winston Vallenilla
Jonathan Montenegro
Eileen Abad
Hilda Abrahamz
Guillermo Garcia
Carlos Montilla
Miguel Ferrari
Sheryl Rubio[1]
Opening theme Amor de mis amores by Lilibeth Morillo
Ending theme Amor de mis amores by Lilibeth Morillo
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 159 [2]
Executive producer(s) Sandra Rioboo
Producer(s) Romina Peña
Location(s) Caracas
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) Venevisión
Distributor Venevisión International
Original network Venevisión
Original release May 16 – December 5, 2012
Preceded by El árbol de Gabriel
Followed by De todas maneras Rosa
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Mi ex me tiene ganas (My Ex Wants Me) is a 2012 Venezuelan telenovela created by Martín Hahn for Venevisión.[3] He is famous for writing successful Venezuelan mystery telenovelas for RCTV such as Angélica Pecado in 2000, La Mujer de Judas in 2002, Estrambótica Anastasia in 2004, and La viuda joven which was produced by Venevisión in 2011.

Daniela Alvarado and Luciano D'Alessandro star as the main protagonists.[4] Norkys Batista, Winston Vallenilla, Lilibeth Morillo and Jonathan Montenegro star as co-protagonists while Hilda Abrahamz, Eileen Abad, Guillermo Garcia, Carlos Montilla and Miguel Ferrari star as the main antagonists.[5]

From May 16 to December 5, 2012, Venevisión broadcast Mi ex me tiene ganas replacing El árbol de Gabriel at 9:00 pm. Production of Mi ex me tiene ganas began on February 9, 2012 in Caracas.[6] Promos began airing on Venevisión from April 8, 2012.[7]

The theme song of the telenovela Amor de mis amores is written and sung by co-star Lilibeth Morillo.[8]

The premiere episode in Venezuela obtained an audience share of 52%.[9]


Pilar, Soledad and Miranda are three friends whose lives are about to change when they happen to meet their ex-boyfriends.

Pilar (Daniela Alvarado) meets Alonso Prada (Luciano D'Alessandro), her former boyfriend who abandoned her years ago and has now become a successful professional. Miranda (Norkys Batista) is a model that meets her former husband. Now married to the billionaire Kevin Miller (Carlos Motnilla), Miranda yearns for a child, but her husband, who already has 2 daughters from a previous marriage, does not want any more children. Therefore, she toys with the idea of using her ex-husband Spartacus (Winston Vallenilla) to be able to get a baby. Soledad (Lilibeth Morillo) is a divorced woman and make-up artist who still lives with her ex-husband so that she can be able to provide for her two daughters. She finally sees an opportunity of happiness when she meets her former lover Pablo Naranjo (Jonathan Montenegro) who has become a male underwear model.

These three women who have encountered men who made them unhappy in the past, now see new chances of happiness. However, the strange disappearance of socialite Antonia Paris (Carolina Perpetuo) leads to the appearance of a mysterious serial killer referred to as 'Los Brujos Assessinos' who creates the mystery plot of the story.

Furthermore, Pilar's chances of happiness with Alonso are hindered by his wife Karen Miller (Eileen Abad) who is extremely jealous and is not willing to give Alonso a divorce.

While they continue investigating the mystery surrounding the serial killer, the events change the course of their lives.[10][11]




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