La viuda joven

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La viuda joven
Poster of telenovela La viuda joven.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Created by Martín Hahn
Written by
  • Zaret Romero
  • Daniel González
  • Giuliana Rodríguez
  • Juan Carlos Duque
Story by Martín Hahn
Directed by Yuri Delgado
Creative director(s)
  • Carlos Medina
  • Clelly Arevalo
Opening theme "¿Será que tengo la culpa?" performed by Chino & Nacho and Luis Enrique
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 141
Executive producer(s) Sandra Riobóo
Producer(s) Romina Peña
  • José Luis Hernández
  • Lupe Villalobos
Camera setup Multi-camera
Original network Venevisión
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release March 16 (2011-03-16) – September 7, 2011 (2011-09-07)
Preceded by La mujer perfecta
Followed by El árbol de Gabriel
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La viuda joven (English: The Young Widow), is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión. Created by Martín Hahn,[1] it stars Mariángel Ruiz and Luis Gerónimo Abreu as the protagonists while Verónica Schneider, Astrid Carolina Herrera and Beba Rojas star as the antagonists.


"The Young Widow" is about a mysterious woman who has become a celebrity by marrying Baron Von Parker. She has an enormous fortune inherited from her last three husbands. With no known family, the Baroness "Inma Von Parker" is an enigmatic woman of extraordinary beauty that captivates men with incredible magnetism and charm.[2] Her calm personality and self-control give her the ability to handle all situations around her, but also make her a suspect of having murdered her former husbands; however, nobody has ever been able to prove this. "Alejandro" is a police detective of humble origin, with a bright career in the Homicide Unit. Marked by betrayal, "Alejandro" has remained unmarried because of the woman who left him heartbroken.

"Inma Von Parker" is suspected of orchestrating the death of her fourth husband. The press, the "Humboldt" family, and the Police Force are constantly, almost aggressively, seeking any clues that would finally help to clarify the secret of "The Young Widow" and expose her for the murderer that everybody thinks she is.[2] The case is assigned to detective "Alejandro Abraham". Here the tragic past that both of them share comes to light. Inma sees her salvation in the man who she once loved, but the detective "Abraham" does not feel the same way any more. "Alejandro" is too hurt, so he takes on the case against the woman who unexpectedly disappeared from his life – leaving him waiting at the church's altar during their wedding celebration- promising to get revenge upon her, and reveal her truly evil face to the world. Despite taking several years to get over the incident, ironically, after nine years, Inma reappears just as he meets "Abril Armas", a charming woman who has renewed his life and reawakened in him the hope of making a home.[3]

The crime perpetrated against Inma Von Parker's latest husband is a puzzle. Another husband dead. Another case out of which she comes victorious. Everything points to "Inma Von Parker", but there's nothing concrete to incriminate her. Then, several questions rise up in Alejandro's mind, bothering him like a stone in a shoe: is Inmaculada innocent or guilty?.

The Baroness tries to get the detective emotionally wrapped, for she knows that their once great love is also their great enemy. A relationship of love and fear, passion and mistrust. Alejandro is obsessed with finding ways to catch Inmaculada or her accomplice. The detective is about to solve the riddle, but each time a witness can unravel part of the mystery, something happens to them: they vanish, change their minds, or die!

Alejandro has to choose between a passionate love or serene love, a mysterious woman or a devoted wife. Two very different women that will fight a war without truce for the love of the same man.


  • Mariangel Ruiz as Inmaculada Rojas Vda. de Von Parker (Baroness)

Her given name is Inmaculada Rojas, 28, and she is described as tender beautiful as Spanish porcelain. She is a three-time widow when the story begins. The old German baron Hans Von Parker married her, giving fame, assets and power. Within a year, she becomes a widow, one of the youngest attractive widows in the world. And her sister becomes her bitter enemy.

  • Luis Gerónimo Abreu as Alejandro Abraham

Alejandro Abraham is a detective in his 30s. He is manly, sarcastic and self-confident. He devotes himself to his profession. Alejandro is stubborn and is forced to choose between two women who love to him. He lives with his father and sister in a cheap, though very cozy, apartment. He is passionate about justice and he will do his best to catch and punish the criminals.[4] He has never disappointed his father and though he is in love with Inma he aspires to catch and send her to prison.

  • Verónica Schneider as Abril Armas (Viuda Negra Maestra)

Abril Armas is a young attractive woman, 28. She is slim and tender. Being a psychologist for the Fund for Women with Premature Pregnancy, she is responsive and kind to her clients. She is the sister of Inma, and protected her until both of them fall in love with the same person. Yet, she always gives a hand to every one in need though she herself lives in a rented apartment.

  • Miguel de León as Vespaciano Calderón

Vespasiano Calderón is a man in his 60s with good looks. He is a real gentleman and reputed lawyer. He is the head of Murder Investigation Alliance. He is the father of Josué and Sofía Carlota. He is married to Ivana Humboldt whose family is the owner of the Humboldt chocolate factory. He conceals a great secret. Vespasiano Calderón is a very sexual-appealing man who betrays his wife in their own house.

  • Astrid Carolina Herrera as Ivana Humboldt

Ivana is an elegant woman in her 40s who is obedient and gentle in appearance, though from inside she is a real devil. She is the sister of Matías Humboldt and mother of Josué and Sofía Carlota. She holds the power of the family and wants to hold everything in her hands as with the chocolate factory. Ivana loves her husband though she is aware he is a womanizer. She prefers dominating and hates being confronted.

  • Luciano De Alessandro as Christian Humboldt

Christian Humboldt is quite an attractive and seductive young man in his 30s. He is a very ambitious and confident person. He is intelligent but selfish and he praises his ego. He is too narcissistic to discredit women who are in love with him. He likes to be in the core of events. He is a major villain and has no principles and moral ethics.


Actor Character Known as
Mariangel Ruiz Baronesa Inmaculada Von Parker Protagonist. Abriel's sister, in love with Alejandro. Suspect of being "the black widow"
Verónica Schneider Abril Armas Antagonistic Protagonist. Inmaculada's sister, in love with Alejandro, Alejandro's wife, has a baby with Alejandro. "The Black Widow", at the end leaves country
Luis Gerónimo Abreu Alejandro Abraham Protagonist. Policeman, in love with Inmaculada, Abril's husband, has a baby with Abril
Juan Carlos García Jeremías Miranda † Villain. At the end killed by "the black widow"
Luciano D'Alessandro Christian Humboldt
Miguel de León Vespaciano Calderon Chief of Police
Astrid Carolina Herrera Ivana Humboldt Villain. She goes to live alone in France
Carlos Mata Ángel Abraham
Carlos Cruz Rogelio Galindez † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
María Antonieta Duque Iris Fuenmayor / Vilma Bravo
Iván Tamayo Simón Madero
Rafael Romero Tirso Damasco
Javier Vidal Federico Humboldt
Eva Blanco Elda
Sonia Villamizar Peggy Pardo Pardo † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Beba Rojas Vicenta Palacios de Humboldt † Villain. "The Black Widow". At the end poisons herself and dies
Antonio Delli Julio Castillo
José Luis Useche Domingo Parada
Paula Bevilacqua Grecia Burgos † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Elio Pietrini Elias
Jose Romero Leonel † Dies. Killed by Julio Castillo.
Yelena Maciel La Pelusa / Ruth Luna / Luna Sosa
Sheryl Rubio Sofía Carlota Calderon Humboldt
Carlos Felipe Álvarez Josue Calderon Humboldt Policeman
Marjorie Magri Karelis Abraham
Aileen Celeste Vanessa Humboldt † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Susej Vera Macarena Black † Villain. Killed by The Black Widow.
Eleidy Aparicio África Porras Police officer
Claudio De La Torre Enmanuel Madero † Main Villain, "black widow", dies of a shot Vespaciano
César Flores Pedro
Josette Vidal Julie Castillo Humboldt Missing daughter of Inmaculada Von Parker
Stephanie Cardone Sonia Sister of Inmaculada and Abril
Roberto Messutti Matias Humboldt † Villain. Killed by The Black Widow.
Ray Torres Orlando † Dies.. Killed by The Black Widow.
Carlos Guillermo Haydon Thomas Rulfo † } Dies by Accident
Jean Carlos Simancas El Peluo/Salomon/Diego Luna † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Prakriti Maduro Clarisa The Fake Black Widow
Beatriz Vázquez Rita † Dies. Killed by The Fake Black Widow.
Diany Marcoccia "Neta"
Jaime Araque Salvatore Bonvicini † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Alejo Felipe Pascual Bonvicini † Villain. Killed by The Black Widow.
Manuel Salazar Ernesto
Emma Rabbe Penélope Arrechero
José Vieira Denis Rodríguez † Dies. Killed by The Black Widow.
Gustavo Rodriguez Ignacio


  • In its final episode La viuda joven was a resounding success and had a 79% viewer share (Of 100 television stations, 79 were tuned to the channel) and 15 points rating. It had been years since Venevision had such a large audience share. Venezuelan audiences were locked in from start to finish to see who was the murderer in this story.[5]
  • In Georgia this telenovela began on June 22, 2011 on Rustavi 2 TV at 19:45. From September 12, it was removed from prime-time to 18:45. After 115 episodes it was rescheduled to weekends at 17:00.
  • In Mexico on Cadenatres, the morning schedule was changed from 9am to prime time at 8pm due to the large tuning obtained.
  • La Viuda Joven on youtube was most watched in Venezuela, Ecuador and Georgia.


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