Inimey Nangathan

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Inimey Nangathan
Inimey Nangathan.jpg
Directed byVenkybaboo
Written byVenkybaboo
Produced byS.Sridevi
Starring3D Models
Edited byB. Lenin & Venkybaboo
Music byIllayaraja
Mayabimbham Media P Ltd
Distributed byMayabimbham Media P Ltd
Release date
  • 14 September 2007 (2007-09-14)
Running time
90 Min's

Inimey Nangathan (transl. Hereafter We Are) is a 2007 Indian Tamil-language animated children's film, directed by Venkybaboo.[1] It was the first Tamil film to be animated. The film went unnoticed due to the lack of big stars.[2] The film won the National Film Award for Best Animated Film.[3]


The film depicts Vichu, Varadhu, Vaithi, and Govind as four friends who earn their livelihood doing Kathakalakshepam. They want to become rich and famous. They come across an old lady, who advises them to meet a Swamiji; she tells them she will help them become rich overnight. The Swamiji agrees to help them, but on one condition, they should retrieve a holy necklace from Rakshasas.

The four friends set out to the cave, where they meet a colorful character from the sea in a golden palace. They reach a flowing desert, where Govind pushes them into a pit and then a very tall mountain rises, closing Govind's story.

The others reach a hill with stones. Varadhu wants to kill them, so he pushes a big stone onto them. Varadhu eats a fruit given to him by the Swamiji. Since he ate the full fruit, he becomes very fat and his face gets stuck in a doorway. This is the end of Varadhu.

Vaithi does not listen to Vichu and says that all the diamonds belong to him. He pushes Vichu into a valley. The diamonds become weapons, touching Vaithi, and his body disappears. If he goes out of the cave, he blends into the air. This is the end of Vaithi.

Vichu falls into the valley. He finds the holy necklace, but a rakshas guards it. Vichu fights with the rakshas and takes the necklace.

Later Vichu gives the necklace to the Swamiji. In exchange for the holy necklace, the Swamiji gives the golden palace to Vichu, but Vichu refuses. He tells her that he has gotten what he wanted in his journey and goes back to his village. The Swamiji tells him telepathically that he will come back, so she will wait for him. The film ends with a golden cow following Vichu.[4]


  • M.S. Bhaskar as Vishwanathan a.k.a. Vichu
  • Pandu as Varadarajan a.k.a. Varadhu
  • Vasu Vikram as Vaidyanathan a.k.a. Vaithi
  • Maaran as Venkata Govindarajan a.k.a. Govind
  • Murali Kumar as Priest


Songs were composed by Ilaiyaraaja

All tracks are written by Vaali.

Tamil Tracklist
1."Oru Murai Kettalae"Madhu Balakrishnan & Chorus05:40
2."Vaazhu Vendumaa"Madhu Balakrishnan, Sriram Parthasarathy & Chorus04:59
3."Unnai Kezh"Ilaiyaraaja04:23
4."Katha Kaletshepam"Madhu Balakrishnan & Chorus02:56

All tracks are written by Nawab Arzoo.

Hindi Tracklist
1."Geet Humare Suno"Krishna & Chorus05:40
2."Zindagi Kahe Aaja"Krishna & Chorus04:59
3."Apne Aap Se"Krishna & Chorus04:23
4."Janani Janani"Krishna & Chorus02:56

All tracks are written by Vennelakanti.

Telugu Tracklist
1."Okapari Vinntene"Karthik05:40
2."Manadhe Vijayam"Karthik04:59
4."Katha Kaletshepam"Karthik02:56

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