Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (Ecuador)

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The Instituto Nacional Meteorologia e Hidrologia (INAMHI) is the national meteorological agency of Ecuador.[1]

INAMHI's functions are:

  • Planning, directing and overseeing meteorological and hydrological activities in the country, in coordination with other institutions and agencies;
  • Developing systems and rules governing the programs of meteorology and hydrology in accordance with national needs;
  • Establishing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure necessary for a basic hydrometeorological compliance program;
  • Obtaining, collecting, examining, processing, publishing and disseminating data, information and forecasts necessary for the detailed and comprehensive knowledge of weather, climate and hydrological characteristics of the whole of maritime and continental Ecuador;
  • Conducting studies and researching hydrometeorological requests for state agencies or individuals;
  • Educating and training staff to technical and professional expertise in the fields of meteorology and hydrology, and
  • Promoting scientific research in meteorology and hydrology.

Research conducted by the INAMHI includes studying the hydrology of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin.[2]


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