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Coordinates: 37°29′37″N 126°55′01″E / 37.49371°N 126.91704°E / 37.49371; 126.91704

Korea Meteorological Administration - Gwanak Radar Observatory

The Korea Meteorological Administration (Hangul: 기상청; Hanja: 氣象廳; Kisangcheong) (KMA) is the National Meteorological service of the Republic of Korea. The service started in 1904 joining the WMO in 1956. Numerical Weather Prediction is performed using the Unified Model software suite.


The office was firstly established in August, 1949 a year ahead of Korean War, whereas the organ was initially under the umbrella of Ministry of Education. It was until 1998 that the Administration was controlled by Ministry of Science and Technology, while the official term for the office became Meteorological Administration in 1990. In 2008, the governing body of KMA was transferred to Ministry of Environment

Weather Radar Project[edit]

In 2013, US-based Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) out of Enterprise, Alabama won a contract to deliver 11 S-band Klystron Dual-Polarization Doppler Weather radar systems to the KMA. The radars will be installed across the country as a means of providing for complete weather radar coverage over the entire country.


The headquarters is in Daebang-dong, Dongjak District, Seoul. Co-working organs include mainly 5 categories: regional office of KMA, weather stations, observatories and Joint office for Meteorological observation. [1][2]


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