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The International Women's Program by the Open Society Foundations considers the advancement of women's human rights and gender equality an essential element in its vision for the future of democratic societies.

The program uses grantmaking and programs to sustain its initiative, which involves promoting and protecting the rights of women & girls in a conflict-ridden society where lack of good governance has led to violation of women's rights.

The program also aims to become the backbone of institutions that responds to the plight of affected women and to create an environment where women are able to control their surrounding political, economic and social scenarios.

The International Women's Program activities involve three primary objectives:

  • Reducing discrimination and violence against women
  • Reinforcing women's access to justice
  • Emphasizing the role of a woman as the chief decision maker and leader

In collaboration with other Open Society Foundations programs, the International Women's Program tries to achieve its objectives through various measures including grantmaking, advocacy, capacity building, organizing meetings and exchanges, and building coalitions.

The International Women's Program work profile is reflected in its various activities across the globe. It includes offering legal help to women affected by conflict in Iraq, advocating women's rights legislation in Lebanon and assistance in monitoring war crimes trials concerning sexual violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Board Members[edit]

  • Suliman Baldo, Africa Program Director, International Crisis Group
  • Ricardo Castro, General Counsel, Open Society Institute
  • Joan Dunlop, Board Chair, International Women's Program
  • Paul Hoffman, Partner, Schonbrun DeSimone Seplow Harris & Hoffman LLP
  • Hina Jilani, UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders
  • Gay McDougall, UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues
  • Patricia Sellers, Independent Legal Expert

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