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Iowa Highway 2 marker

Iowa Highway 2
Iowa 2 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length: 251.376 mi[1] (404.550 km)
Major junctions
West end: N-2 at Nebraska City, Neb
East end: US 61 at Fort Madison
Highway system
Iowa 1 Iowa 3

Iowa Highway 2 (Iowa 2) is a 251-mile-long (404 km) state highway which runs across the southernmost tier of counties in the U.S. state of Iowa. At no point along its route is Iowa 2 more than 15 miles (24 km) from the Missouri state line, except for a small section near its eastern terminus. Iowa 2 stretches across the entire state; from the Missouri River near Nebraska City, Nebraska, to U.S. Route 61 (US 61) at Fort Madison. Prior to becoming a primary highway, the route was known as the Waubonsie Trail.

Route description[edit]

US 71 has a concurrency with Iowa 2 near Clarinda.

Iowa Highway 2 begins at the Nebraska City Bridge just east of Nebraska City, Nebraska. It goes northeast and then east as an expressway until meeting Interstate 29. It then continues east as a two-lane highway until meeting U.S. Highway 275 and turning north. It continues north, bypassing Sidney with U.S. 275, and turning east of Sidney. It goes east and meets U.S. 59 at Shenandoah and then U.S. 71 at Clarinda, which is served with Business Route 2. It continues east through New Market and meets Iowa Highway 148 at Bedford. After intersecting Iowa Highway 25 east of Bedford, it passes through Benton before beginning an overlap with U.S. Highway 169 through Mount Ayr. After passing through Kellerton, Iowa 2 intersects Interstate 35 at Decatur City.

Iowa Highway 2 continues east through Decatur City and meets U.S. Highway 69 in Leon. It continues east and intersects U.S. Highway 65 before entering Corydon, where it intersects Iowa Highway 14. After passing through Promise City, it goes through Centerville, where it intersects Iowa Highway 5. It later intersects Iowa Highway 202 near Moulton and then begins a concurrency with U.S. Highway 63 which ends in Bloomfield.

After Bloomfield, Iowa Highway 2 turns southeasterly to pass through Pulaski, Milton, and Cantril, then turns briefly northeast. It turns east, intersects Iowa Highway 1 south of Keosauqua, then turns southeast towards Farmington. At Farmington, Iowa 2 meets Iowa Highway 81 and crosses the Des Moines River. It continues east and meets U.S. Highway 218 and Iowa Highway 27 at Donnellson. From there, it then meets U.S. Highway 61 and ends on the west side of Fort Madison.

Clarinda business loop[edit]

Iowa Highway 2 Business
Location: Clarinda

Iowa Highway 2 Business begins at the western edge of Clarinda on an old alignment of Iowa 2. It follows State Street east into Clarinda. At 16th Street (Glenn Miller Avenue), IA 2 Bus. heads south until its junction with US 71 Business. Both routes follow Washington Street east towards US 71. Iowa 2 Business follows US 71 south to IA 2 to complete the business loop.


The current Iowa Highway 2 was designated in 1920 as Primary Road No. 3 (PR No. 3). The 285-mile-long (459 km) route connected Nebraska City, Nebraska, to Burlington. PR No. 3 was overlaid upon the Waubonsie Trail from the Missouri River to Fort Madison. From Fort Madison, it overlappped the Mississippi Valley Scenic Highway, a precursor to the Great River Road.[2] By 1947, the route had been renumbered Iowa 2 and the section between Fort Madison and Burlington was no longer part of the route.[3]

The segment west of Interstate 29 was constructed as an expressway in 1986 with the plan of connecting Lincoln, Nebraska with Interstate 29 using a divided highway.

In late 2013, the Fort Madison city council accepted the jurisdiction of Iowa 2 within the city limits, which eliminated the last 5.8 miles (9.3 km) from the route.[4][5]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Missouri River 0.000 0.000 N-2 west Continuation into Nebraska
Nebraska City Bridge
Fremont Benton Township 3.215 5.174 I-29 (Exit 10) – Council Bluffs, Kansas City
township line
10.580 17.027 US 275 south – Hamburg Western end of US 275 overlap
Sidney Township 15.301 24.625 US 275 north (Illinois Street) – Sidney, Tabor Eastern end of US 275 overlap
county line
Shenandoah 28.074 45.181 US 59 – Shenandoah, Tarkio, Mo.
Page Clarinda 45.071 72.535
Iowa 2 Business east (State Street)
46.909 75.493
US 71 south (Glenn Miller Avenue) / US 71 Business – Maryville, Mo.
Western end of US 71 overlap
Nodaway Township 48.619 78.245
US 71 north / Iowa 2 Business west – Villisca
Eastern end of US 71 overlap
Taylor Bedford 65.725 105.774 Iowa 148 north – Corning Western end of Iowa 148 overlap
65.948 106.133 Iowa 148 south (Madison Avenue) Eastern end of Iowa 148 overlap
county line
township line
81.833 131.697 Iowa 25 north – Clearfield
Ringgold Rice Township 92.486 148.842 US 169 south – Grant City, Mo. Western end of US 169 overlap
Mount Ayr 94.826 152.608 US 169 north (Cleveland Street) – Winterset Eastern end of US 169 overlap
Decatur Decatur Township 115.316 185.583 I-35 (Exit 12) – Des Moines, Kansas City
Leon 119.648 192.555 US 69 south (Lorraine Street) – Lamoni Western end of US 69 overlap
120.334 193.659 US 69 north (Church Street) – Osceola Eastern end of US 69 overlap
Wayne Clay Township 133.695 215.161 US 65 – Humeston, Princeton, Mo.
Corydon 143.285 230.595 Iowa 14 north – Chariton
Appanoose Centerville 167.278 269.208 Iowa 5 (18th Street) – Cincinnati, Albia
Washington Township 177.847 286.217 Iowa 202 south – Moulton
Davis West Grove Township 187.017 300.975 US 63 south – Lancaster, Mo. Western end of US 63 overlap
Bloomfield 191.877 308.796 US 63 north (Washington Street) – Ottumwa Eastern end of US 63 overlap
Van Buren Des MoinesVernon
township line
219.192 352.755 Iowa 1 north – Keosauqua
Farmington Township 231.268 372.190 Iowa 81 south – Kahoka, Mo.
Lee Donnellson 242.784 390.723
US 218 / Iowa 27 (Exit 19) – Keokuk, Mount Pleasant
Fort Madison 251.376 404.550
US 61 (Exit 18) / US 61 Business north (Avenue O) – Keokuk, Burlington
Road continues as US 61 Business
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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