Iranian legislative election, 1952

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Iranian legislative election, 1952
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76 seats to the National Consultative Assembly
  First party Second party
  Dr.Mohammad Mosaddeq.jpg Reza Radmanesh.jpg
Leader Mohammad Mosaddegh Reza Radmanesh
Party Iran Party
Toilers Party
Muslim Mojahedin
Nation Party
Tudeh Party
Alliance National Front
Leader's seat Did not stand
Last election 8 0
Seats won 30 0
Seat change Increase 22 Steady

Prime Minister before election

Mohammad Mosaddegh
National Front

Elected Prime Minister

Mohammad Mosaddegh
National Front

Parliamentary elections were held in Iran in 1952. However, voting was stopped by Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh after enough MPs were elected to form a parliamentary quorum (76 out of 136). The National Front won 30 seats, whilst Royalists won 49.[1]



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