Iranian legislative election, 1960

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Iranian legislative election, 1960
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← 1956 30 July[1] to 20 August 1960[2] 1961 →

All 200 seats to the National Consultative Assembly
  Majority party Minority party
  Manouchehr Eghbal.jpg Assadollah Alam.jpg
Leader Manouchehr Eghbal Asadollah Alam
Party Party of Nationalists People's Party
Seats won 104[3] 25[3]

  Third party Fourth party
  MoBaghai.jpg Allah-Yar Saleh.jpg
Leader Mozzafar Baghai[3] Allahyar Saleh[3]
Party Toilers Party Iran Party
Nation Party
League of Socialists
Alliance National Front
Seats won 0 0

Prime Minister before election

Manouchehr Eghbal
Party of Nationalists

Elected Prime Minister

Jafar Sharif-Emami

Parliamentary elections were held in Iran between 30 July and 20 August 1960.

In order to demonstrate the appearance of a democratic free election, the Shah allowed candidates from the popular National Front to compete,[4] however it returned no seats for them.[5]

The announced result was a massive victory for the Prime Minister Eghbal's Party of Nationalists. The elections "were extensively and clumsily rigged" and the fraud "was exposed in the press, provoked public rancor and restlessness".[1]

Aside from the opposition figures, pseudo-opposition People's Party and a number of independents led by Ali Amini denounced the elections.[3] The results were annulled by the Shah, and fresh elections were held the following year.[1]

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