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Scene of the "Inca Capai" video, starring Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Lula da Silva and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Isla presidencial (Spanish: Presidential island) is a adult web animation page from Venezuela. It includes parodies of the presidents and politicians of Latin America and Spain, stranded in a paradise island.


Several presidents met at the 74º Ibero-American Summit, and have a cruise after it. The cruise crashes with an iceberg, and all the presidents arrive at a desert paradise island. The episodes focus on their attempts to survive in the wild or escape from the island. Several presidents who were not included in the first episodes were added later, with a plane crash.

Hugo Chávez disappears from the island, kidnapped by Barack Obama for unmentioned reasons. A malfunctioning robot that impersonates Chávez leaves Obama's secret base, until he manages to turn him off. Many presidents died during an attack of "Chávez-raptors" (savage reptiles with the face of Chávez), and they are finally rescued at the end of the second season.


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Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, was portrayed as a man of limited intelligence, a twisted speech, and capable to talk with birds. This is a pun based on a comment of Maduro during the 2013 elections in Venezuela, when he said that the late Chávez had reincarnated in a little bird and talked to him to bless his candidacy.[1] Maduro criticized his portrayal in the animation. He said that it was not an accurate representation of his face, his moustache, of his voice.[2]


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