Islamic Salafi Alliance

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Islamic Salafi Alliance
التحالف الإسلامي السلفي
Leader Khaled AlـSultan Bin Essa
Headquarters Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait
Ideology Salafi Islamism
Political position Right-wing
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The Islamic Salafi Alliance (Arabic: التحالف الإسلامي السلفي) is a Salafi political party in Kuwait headed by Khaled AlـSultan Bin Essa. Of the fifty elected members of Kuwait National Assembly three seats belong to the Islamic Salafi Alliance since the 2013 elections.

In the February 2012 general elections the Islamic Salafi Alliance managed to capture four seats, and another six were taken by people with similar ideas.[1]


The Alliance is against political parties and protests. It is critical of the House of Sabah.[2]

The Islamic Salafi Alliance has managed to introduce laws leading to segregation between sexes at universities, restrictions on mixed sports, dancing and live music.[1]


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