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Israel Stuttering Association (AMBI)
Abbreviation AMBI
Formation 1999
Legal status non-profit organization and self-help support group
Purpose "To create a world that understands stuttering and People Who Stutter (PWS)".
Headquarters Tel Aviv
Region served
Official language
Hebrew, Russian[2]
Benny Ravid[3]

AMBI, Israel Stuttering Association, a charity since 1999, is a public non-profit organization that supports people who stutter and their families in Israel. The name, AMBI, is an acronym made up from the initial letters of the Association's official Hebrew name.

The Association seeks to enhance public knowledge about stuttering, runs self-help groups and promotes affordable treatment for people who stutter. It also organizes conferences and meetings for people who stutter, speech language therapists and anyone interested in stuttering.

The Association is chaired by Benny Ravid.[4] It publishes a journal: OutLoud (Hebrew title: Bekol Ram).

In 2012, Ravid and other people who stutter performed a play at Jerusalem’s Tzamid festival of the arts for disabled people.[5]

AMBI, Israel Stuttering Association is a member of the European League of Stuttering Associations[6] and the International Stuttering Association.[7]

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