Isuzu Gala

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Isuzu Gala
Manufacturer J-Bus[1]
Production 1996-present
Body and chassis
Class Commercial vehicle
Body style Single-deck rigid coach
Doors 1 door (front door only)
Floor type Step entrance
Related Hino S'elega
Engine 10PE1, 12PE1, 8TD1, E13C, J08E
Transmission 6-speed manual
Length 9m, 12m
Predecessor Isuzu Super Cruiser

The Isuzu Gala (kana:いすゞ・ガーラ) is a heavy-duty rigid tourist coach sold by Isuzu since 1996. It is manufactured by J-Bus.[2] The range of the first generation was available both with left-hand drive and right-hand drive.

First generation (1996-2005)[edit]

  • KC-LV780/781/782 (1996)
    • Equipped with driver's airbag in 1997.
  • KL-LV774/780/781 (2000)
  • Guangzhou Gala

Second generation (2005-present)[edit]

Isuzu Gala (left), Hino S'elega (right)

The Isuzu Gala second generation is a rebadged Hino S'elega.

  • ADG-RU1E/8J(2005)
  • PKG-RU1E/BDG-RU8J(2006)
  • LKG-RU1E/LDG-RU8J/SDG-RU8J(2010)

Model lineup[edit]

  • First generation
    • Gala I HD (Hi-decker) 12m
    • Gala II SHD (Super hi-decker) 12m
    • Gala III GHD (Grace hi-decker) 12m
    • HD-9 9m
  • Second generation
    • SHD 12m
    • HD 12m
    • HD9 9m

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