Isuzu Turquoise

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Isuzu Turquoise/Turkuaz
Isuzu Turquoise, Transexpo 2007.jpg
Isuzu Turquoise
Manufacturer Isuzu
Assembly Anadolu Isuzu
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door or 2 doors
Floor type Step entrance
Chassis Isuzu Midibuses Chassis
Capacity 26-capacity
Transmission Manual / Automatic
Length 8.8m to 9.1m
Width 2.4m
Height 3.4m

The Isuzu Turquoise, known as Turkuaz (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈtuɾkuɑz]) in Turkey, is a 26/31 seater intercity midibus produced by Isuzu in Europe. Isuzu which also for Design Midibuses, producer in the internal market. For the 31 seater, it was renamed the Euro Turquoise.