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This article is about the name. For the city in Brazil, see Jacinto, Minas Gerais. For the community in California, see Jacinto, California. For the community in Nebraska, see Jacinto, Nebraska.
Gender Male
Word/name Greek
Meaning Hyacinth
Other names
Related names Jacinta, Jacenty, Jacek, Giacinto, Jacint

Jacinto is a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning Hyacinth,[1] which can refer to Saint Hyacinth, a Roman martyr (Hyacinth and Protus), or the Hyacinth flower itself.

A common English nickname for "Jacinto" is "Jack". Jacinto has only a few equivalents in other languages such as the Polish "Jacek" and "Jacenty", the Italian "Giacinto" and the Hungarian "Jácint".


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