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This is a list of characters of the television shows MacGyver. MacGyver's producers had a tendency to use an actor in multiple roles throughout the series. Several recurring characters were also added throughout the series run, appearing as guest stars in the opening credits.

Main characters[edit]

  • MacGyver (portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson): is a secret agent who prefers non-violent conflict resolution wherever possible. He refuses to carry or use a gun due to a childhood accident with a revolver that resulted in the death of a friend.[1] MacGyver is an outspoken advocate of gun control, as well as a supporter of environmental preservation, racial equality, and assisting the poor. Even in cases where his improvised devices are used to attack hostile opponents, he is always doing so in self-defense and, if possible, subduing or disabling rather than killing. He is often suspicious of militaristic attitudes within the government; he sees his Phoenix Foundation employer as an alternative to the more conventional (and violent) means of law enforcement.
    • In the 2016 reboot, MacGyver (played by Lucas Till) is a U.S. operative who works for the Phoenix Foundation, a covert agency operating under the guise of a think tank. Trained as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician for the Army, he prefers to use non-lethal means to stop his enemies.
  • Pete Thornton[2][3] (portrayed by Dana Elcar):is MacGyver's boss and best friend. Pete is divorced from Connie Thornton (portrayed by Linda Darlow).[4] Pete is an operative at the Department of External Services (DXS) which is where he is impressed by Mac's ingenuity while tracking down Murdoc, an international assassin.[5] When Pete takes the position of Director of Operations at the Phoenix Foundation several years later, he brings MacGyver into the program. In addition to sending Mac out on various tasks for the Foundation, Pete is many times forced to bail MacGyver out of the trouble he gets into. Pete's son, Michael, who has always resented that he was never around when he was growing up. In the sixth season Thorton begins going blind as a result of glaucoma. (Elcar was diagnosed with glaucoma.)[6][7][8]
    • In 2016 reboot, the character was rewritten as female and renamed as Patricia Thornton (played by Sandrine Holt) who is an ex-field agent & director of operations for the Department of External Services and Phoenix Foundation. In the 12th episode, "Screwdriver", she is discovered to be a mole working for the Organization and arrested.

Recurring characters who are main characters in the reboot[edit]

  • Jack Dalton (portrayed by Bruce McGill): is an aviator and old friend of MacGyver's with a weakness for get-rich-quick schemes that invariably get both of them into trouble. He always wears a peaked cap and twitches his left eye when lying.
    • In 2016 reboot, Jack Dalton (played by George Eads) is Mac's partner in the field and a former Delta Force soldier and CIA operative. Jack's history with Mac goes back to his days in the Army and unlike Mac, he is not afraid to use guns in the field. He also has history with Riley, because he was once in a relationship with her mother and had an altercation with her abusive father. While mostly easy-going and laid-back, Jack can get serious when the situation calls for it and often calls upon his special forces training to help the team get out of a tight spot.
  • Wilt Bozer (portrayed by Robin Mossley): Episodes - Serenity, The Lost Amadeus, Hearts of Steel, and MacGyver's Women.
    • In 2016 reboot, the character (played by Justin Hires) is an aspiring filmmaker, prosthetic makeup artist, and MacGyver's best friend and roommate, who at first doesn't know about MacGyver's real job but later joins the Phoenix Foundation after discovering MacGyver's secret job.

New main characters in the 2016 reboot[edit]

  • Riley Davis (portrayed by Tristin Mays): a character created exclusively for the 2016 version, she is a hacker recruited by Phoenix Foundation.
  • Matilda "Matty" Webber (portrayed by Meredith Eaton): New Director of Operations at Phoenix Foundation and Jack's ex-boss at the CIA.
  • Samantha Cage (portrayed by Isabel Lucas): A CIA officer and formerly SASR 4th Squadron member.

Recurring characters appearing in both the original and the reboot[edit]

  • Murdoc (portrayed by Michael Des Barres): is MacGyver's most frequent opponent. He is a master assassin who never fails—except when MacGyver gets involved. Murdoc is a master of disguise, as well as highly skilled and creative in the use of booby traps. Murdoc's signature for each hit is to take photographs of his victims at the moment of their deaths. His first appearance in the series is presented as his second run-in with MacGyver. Murdoc returns for revenge for their first encounter—to the surprise of MacGyver, as Murdoc had apparently been killed. Murdoc's revenge scheme not only fails, but results in him apparently being killed again. This became a recurring theme: each of Murdoc's subsequent appearances ends in another apparently certain "death", which he incredibly survives, to return in a later episode.
    • In the 2016 reboot, Murdoc (played by David Dastmalchian) is a hired hitman known as Suspect 218 to the CIA whose targets are enemies and MacGyver.
  • Nikki Carpenter[9][10] (portrayed by Elyssa Davalos: Nikki Carpenter joins the Phoenix Foundation in the third season. She often has differences of opinion with MacGyver, although the two eventually come to respect each other as professionals.
    • In the 2016 reboot, the character (played by Tracy Spiridakos) is a former agent for the DXS and MacGyver's former girlfriend who went rogue but later revealed to be an undercover agent for the CIA.
  • The Coltons[11][12] (portrayed by Della Reese, Cleavon Little, Richard Lawson, and Cuba Gooding Jr.): are a family of bounty hunters (Mama Colton, Frank, Jesse and Billy), introduced one at a time—the only episode in which more than one appears is their collective final appearance in the final season, on which occasion they (and their bulldog, Frog) took over the episode entirely, relegating MacGyver to a cameo appearance. This episode, called "The Coltons", was actually intended as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off starring the Coltons, but ABC network officials decided that series would not be picked up.
    • In the 2016 reboot, they are played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lance Gross, Javicia Leslie, & Jermaine Rivers and appear in the first season episode 16, "Hook", when they get the upper hand on Mac and Jack several times, until a Foundation team retrieves the fugitive from them. Mac, Jack, Bozer & Riley end up saving the Coltons' lives from their criminal employers.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Penny Parker[13][14][15] (portrayed by Teri Hatcher; Bianca Malinowski in 2016 version): Penny Parker and MacGyver meet in line at an airport in Bulgaria when she tries to smuggle some jewels out of the country in his pocket.[16] With little talent, but big dreams, her pursuit of a show business career gets her into trouble more than once; she was once used by Murdoc as an unwitting pawn in an attempt to eliminate MacGyver. She was also the spitting image of her late aunt Betty Parker, who was murdered in 1958 by her boyfriend, and was suffering from lead poisoning.,[17] Penny isn't exactly stupid, but she tends to act without thinking things through, and has only a shaky grasp of how the world works.
  • Harry Jackson (portrayed by John Anderson): is MacGyver's grandfather, who helped raise MacGyver after his grandmother and father were killed in a car accident when MacGyver was aged nine. Seven years later, Harry left MacGyver to work in Alaska, sending money to MacGyver and his mother. At this time, MacGyver and Harry lost contact, but beginning in season one, MacGyver and Harry meet again, after eighteen years without contact,[18] in the episode "Target MacGyver", in which MacGyver and his grandfather work together to defeat an assassin named Axminster (D'Mitch Davis). Harry appears in the five episodes "Target MacGyver" (season 1), "Phoenix Under Siege", "Friends" (both season 2) "Passages" (season 5) and "Harry's Will" (season 6). Harry dies of a heart attack in the fifth season finale episode "Passages".
  • Maria Romburg (portrayed by Brigitta Stenberg): Maria appears in the sixth season initially to scam a friend of MacGyver's. She changes sides, joins the Phoenix Foundation, and becomes a love interest of MacGyver.
  • Mei Jan[19] (portrayed by Michele Chan) (initially calling herself Sue Ling):is MacGyver's foster daughter who enlists MacGyver's help in completing her mission for the Chinese student movement. She later reveals that the real Sue Ling was killed in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
  • Cynthia Wilson (portrayed by Roxanne Reese): Introduced with her husband Booker (Michael D. Roberts) in "The Challenge", Cynthia runs the Challenger's Club, a program for troubled inner-city teens. In episodes where MacGyver tries to help runaways or other youths, he invariably sends them to the Challenger's Club as a safe haven.
  • Lisa Woodman (portrayed by Mayim Bialik): is a young girl who MacGyver originally meets at a Swiss boarding school in the episode "Cease Fire", where she accidentally loses his trusty Swiss Army knife. She later returns in two more episodes, "Hearts of Steel" and "Twenty Questions", the latter involving Mac helping her overcome an alcohol abuse problem.

New recurring characters in the 2016 reboot[edit]

  • Sarah Adler (portrayed by Amy Acker): Jack's former partner and ex-girlfriend from the CIA.

Guest stars[edit]

  • Marie Morrison/Catherine Woodman (portrayed by Patrie Allen): Episodes - Renegade and Twenty Questions
  • Lucien Trumbo/Knapp (portrayed by David Ackroy): Episodes - Trumbo's World and The Negotiator
  • Tony/Carmine/Kirk Delaney/Police officer (portrayed by Charles Andre): Episodes - Back from the Dead, The Battle of Tommy Giordano, Hearts of Steel and Bitter Harvest
  • Hank Greggs/Crocker (portrayed by Scott J Ateah): Episodes - Hallowween Knights and Deep Cover
  • Simon/Luna (portrayed by Terry Barclay): Episodes - Murderers' Sky and Treasure of Manco
  • Police officer/Security guard/Police officer/Guard (portrayed by Paul Batten): Episodes - The Challenge, The Lost Amadeus, The Gun, and There but for the Grace
  • Wilcox/Ahriman/Garris/Dick Russell (portrayed by Gerry Bean): Episodes - The Survivors, Legend of the Holy Rose, Tough Boys, and Trail of Tears
  • Larkin/Remick (portrayed by Ned Bellamy): Episodes - Ugly Duckling and The Negotiator
  • J.D./Sniper (portrayed by Michael Benyaer): Episodes - Blood Brothers and Cease fire
  • Steve/Barns (portrayed by Pat Bermel): Episodes - Murderers' Sky and Rush to Judgement
  • Obadiah Moss/Reverend Roy Thatcher (portrayed by Beau Billingslea): Episodes - Family Matter and Rush to Judgement
  • Motel clerk/Parnell (portrayed by Peter Black): Episodes - The Battle of Tommy Giordano and The Visitor
  • Gil Fletcher/Reynolds (portrayed by David Bloom): Episodes - Fraternity of Thieves and The Black Corsage
  • Paul Rizzo/Sgt Crawley (portrayed by Peter Blackwood): Episodes - The Battle of Tommy Giordano and The Gun
  • Steve/Sam Sheehan/Hood (portrayed by Steve Blalock): Episodes - Jenny's Chance, The Endangered, and Blow Out
  • Zamora/Col Phelps (portrayed by Jay Brazeau): Episodes - The Gun and Kill Zone
  • Dr Sylvia Warner/Betty/Pam/Eunice (portrayed by ): Episodes - Thin Ice, Twenty Questions, Serenity, and Legend of the Holy Rose
  • Edward Mantu/General Mabuto (portrayed by Roger Aaron Brown): Episodes - Brainwashed and Black Rhino
  • Smiley/Kyle Larson/Broom (portrayed by R. Nelson Brown): Episodes - The Challenge, Jenny's Chance, and Trail of Tears
  • Security Guard (portrayed by Gavin Buhr - uncredited): Episode - The Heist
  • Chairman/Dr. Fisher (portrayed by Alec Burden): Episodes - The Challenge and The Gun
  • Brett Thompson/Jerry/Neil (portrayed by Ken Camroux): Episodes - Thin Ice, Runners, and Live and Learn
  • Deputy/Jesse James (portrayed by Wil Calhoun): Episodes - Log Jam and MacGyver's Women
  • Sparky/Doctor (portrayed by Les Carlson): Episodes - Ma Dalton and Passages
  • Lisa Chan/Tiu (portrayed by Tia Carrere'): Episodes - Wish Child and Murderers' Sky
  • Tony Ellis/Sweeny/Sgt Gray (portrayed by Gary Chalk): Episodes - Thin Ice, Deadly Dreams, and Ten Percent Solution
  • Ginny/Doreen (portrayed by Lossen Chamber): Episodes - Runners and Live and Learn
  • Enrique/Manny (portrayed by Richard Chaves): Episodes - Treasure of Manaco and Tough Boys
  • General Narai/Troy/Dr Liang (portrayed by George Kee Cheung): Episodes - The Golden Triangle, Children of the Light, and he Mountain of Youth
  • Joe Wales/Sammie (portrayed by Byron Chief-Moon): Episodes - Ghost Ship and Runners
  • Foxworth/Sandler/Andrew Lawton (portrayed by John Considine): Episodes - Log Jam, There But for the Grace and Off the Wall
  • Jan Messic/Sam Leland(portrayed by Michael Constantine): Episodes - Thief of Budapest and Out in the Cold
  • Salazar/Samand (portrayed by Alex Colon): Episodes - Bushmaster and The Mountain of Youth
  • Croce/Tom (portrayed by James Crescenzo): Episodes - Fire and Ice and The Battle of Tommy Giordano
  • Hillary Chapman/Cooper (portrayed by Brenda Crichlow): Episodes - Hell Week and Deadly Dreams
  • Rote/Tansey/Donnelly/Max (portrayed by Bill Croft): Episodes - High Control, MacGyver's Women, Deep Cover, and The Odd Triple
  • Tommy Giordano/Boy in restaurant (portrayed by Tony Dakota): Episodes - The Battle of Tommy Giordano and High Control
  • Dr. Beatty/Mrs Juarez/Connie Thornton (portrayed by Linda Darlow): Episodes - Brainwashed, Live and Learn, and Hind-Sight
  • Lisa Kohler / Kosov (portrayed by Elyssa Davalos): Episode - Lost Love
  • Stevens/Building inspector (portrayed by Garry Davey): Episodes - The Outsiders and Live and Learn
  • Sam Mulligan/Father Pat Lafferty (portrayed by Jackson Davies): Episodes - Early Retirement and The Madonna
  • Cement truck driver/Wyatt Porter (portrayed by Don S Davis): Episodes - Blow Out and The Endangered
  • Piedra/Major Nicolai Kosov (portrayed by Anthony De Longis): Episodes - The Assassin and Lost Love
  • Eric Romburg/Woody/Ranger/Hood (portrayed by Vince Deadrick Jr): Episodes - The Wall, Renegade, The Endangered and Blow Out
  • Police Desk Sergeant Olson (portrayed by Fred Diehl - uncredited): Episode - Blood Brothers
  • Professor Rymon/Alexander Karsoff (portrayed by Larry Dobkin): Episodes - Hell Week and A Prisoner of Conscience
  • Vince/Benjamin Wintergreen/Milt Bozer* (portrayed by Robert Donner): Episodes - Soft Touch, Cleo Rocks, Serenity*, and MacGyver's Women*
  • Man in white shirt/Danko (portrayed by Bill Dow): Episodes - Kill Zone and The Coltons
  • Officer Walker/Laura Fowler (portrayed by Julie Downing): Episodes - The Invisable Killer and The Gun
  • Tubbs/Gorman/Bart Riggins (portrayed by Herb Edelman): Episodes - Lost Amadeus, Faith, Hope & Charity, and Split Decision
  • Andy Colson (portrayed by Dana Elcar): Episode - Pilot[20] the chief of operations for KIVA laboratories.
  • Derek Thompson/Professor Wycliff (portrayed by Michael Ensign): Episodes - Soft Touch and Legend of the Holly Rose
  • Jacob Miller/Tommy Wiley (portrayed by Kaj-Erik Eriksen): Episodes - The Outsiders and The Visitor
  • Robert/Maitre d (portrayed by Martin Evans): Episodes - The Odd Triple and The Coltons
  • Magor/Armin/Turik (portrayed by Frank Ferrucci): Episodes - Blow Out, Easy Target, and Passages
  • Ramon/Spider (portrayed by Ramón Franco): Episodes - Final Approach and Blood Brothers
  • Paul Webster/Jay Michaels (portrayed by Alan Fudge): Episodes - Slow Death and Dalton, Jack of Spies
  • Coco/Brian Jefferies (portrayed by Garvin Funches): Episodes - Tough Boys and Guns 'n Boys
  • Strycker/Col John Collins (portrayed by Don Galloway): Episodes - Obsessed and 'Fraternity of Thieves
  • Queen/Gretta (portrayed by Merrilyn Gann): Episodes - Halloween Knights and Hearts of Steel
  • Columbian Soldier (portrayed by Lorenzo Gaspar - uncredited): Episode - Bushmaster
  • Taxi Driver/Phil Sternwise (portrayed by Christopher Gaze): Episodes - Legend of the Holy Rose and The Visitor
  • Customer in Chicken Habit/Pinky Burnett (portrayed by Henry Gibson): Episodes - Harry's Will and Deadly Silents
  • Ray Collins (portrayed by Cuba Gooding, Jr.): Episode - The Challenge
  • Maya (portrayed by Georgia Goodman - uncredited): Episode - Mask of the Wolf
  • Starkoss/Gen Barenov (portrayed by Walter Gotell): Episodes - GX-1 and Gold Rush
  • Man at the prison/Ringe/Abe (portrayed by Barry Greene): Episodes - Unfinished Business, Second Chance, and Faith, Hope & Charity
  • Jager/Coach Sergei Litminov (portrayed by Adam Gregor): Episodes - The Enemy Within and Jerico Games
  • Kahn/Khalil (portryed by Sid Haig): Episodes - Thief of Budapest and To Be A Man
  • Ken Jackson/Norton (portrayed by Peter Hanlon): Episodes - Easy Target and Jerico Games
  • Driver/Brantley (portrayed by Ted Harrison): Episodes - Easy Target and Hearts of Steel
  • Juice (portrayed by Bruce Harwood): Episode - Blow Out
  • Newscaster/Reporter/Newscaster/Vince King* (portrayed by Kevin Hayes): Episodes - Legend of the Holy Rose, The Madonna, Jenny's Chance, Jerico Games*, and Blind Faith*
  • Joe Cross/Blake (portrayed by Deryl Hayes): Episodes - The Outsiders and Live and Learn
  • Tyler/Bill (portrayed by Tom Heaton): Episodes - The Spoilers and Easy Target
  • Linda/Production Assistant (portrayed by Beverley Hendry): Episodes - Back from the Dead and Blind Faith
  • Ellard/Vincent Bataglia/Leo Burns (portrayed by Antony Holland): Episodes - The Widowmaker, The Madonna, and Faith, Hope & Charity
  • Kuang/Chu/Lee Wenying (portrayed by James Hong): Episodes - The Coltons, Lost Love, and The Wish Child
  • Prisoner (portrayed by Conrad Hurtt - uncredited): Episode - The Escape
  • Pilot/Eric Cross (portrayed by Jeff Irvine) : Episodes - GX-1 and Deadly Dreams
  • Sean (Sam) Angus Malloy (portrayed by Dalton James): Sean is introduced in the series finale as MacGyver's son with a past love named Kate Malloy. Sean's middle name is a dedication by his mother to his father. Episode - The Stringer
  • Wilson/Ralph* (portrayed by Richard Jamison): Episodes - The Heist, The Eraser*, and Back from the Dead*
  • Karel/Police officer (portrayed by George Josef): Episodes - Lost Love and Humanity
  • Katie/Laura Bartlett (portrayed by Mitzi Kapture): Episodes - Rock the Cradle and The Wasteland
  • Dave/K-Man (portrayed by Andrew Kavadas): Episodes - Ma Dalton and Humanity
  • Thomas/Hockey player/Cop/Wilkens (portrayed by Michael F Kelly): Episodes - The Heist, The Eraser, Twice Stung, and Off the Wall
  • Len/Grandfather (portrayed by Chief Khotlacha): Episodes - Ghost Ship and Mask of the Wolf
  • Ralph/Bernie Green (portrayed by Terry King): Episodes - Rush to Judgement and The Gun
  • Bigfoot/Bodyguard (portrayed by Ken Kirzinger): Episodes - Ghost Ship and Jerico Games
  • Broddock/Yuri (portrayed by Kim Kondrashoff): Episodes - Log Jam and The Odd Triple
  • Skip/Wyatt (portrayed by Mitchell Kosterman): Episodes - Live and Learn and The Coltons
  • Hans Kreese/Mammon (portrayed by Vladimir Kulich): Episodes - Fraternity of Thieves and Legend of the Holy Rose
  • Anek/Adam Chung (portrayed by Clyde Kusatsu): Episodes - The Golden Triangle and Murderer's Sky
  • Andrew Harryman/Eric Woodman* (portrayed by Joe Lambie): Episodes - Birth Day, Hearts of Steel*, and Twenty Questions*
  • Chief Cook/Jacques Brizard (portrayed by Campbell Lane): Episodes - The Gun and The Odd Triple
  • Sheriff "Bull" Bodine/Elliot (portrayed by Lance LeGault): Episodes - Jack in the Box and Honest Abe
  • Asian thug (portrayed by James Lew - uncredited) : Episode - The Stringer
  • Prasert/Adam Chung (portrayed by Keye Luke): Episodes - The Golden Triangle and Murderer's Sky
  • Sheriff/Walker/Wrightman/Dorman (portrayed by Allan Lysell): Episodes - Bitter Harvest, Cease Fire, The Outsiders, and The Spoilers
  • Gant/Larson/Paul Stams (portrayed by Michael MacRae): Episodes - Eagles, The Challenge, and Blind Faith
  • Sheriff Max Hubbard/Lt Rhome* (portrayed by Blu Mankuma): Episodes - The Invisable Killer, Hearts of Steel*, and There But for the Grace*
  • Danile Sims/Captain Cuzo (portrayed by Larry Mann): Episodes - The Heist and Humanity
  • Matt Webber/Dan Stringer/Reese (portrayed by Madison Mason): Episodes - Early Retirement, Deep Cover, and Jerico Games
  • Nancy Bartlett/Reporter (portrayed by Pamela Martin): Episodes - Kill Zone and Collision Course
  • Stripper (portrayed by Victoria Maxwell - uncredited): Episode - Deadly Dreams
  • Ron/Hard Rock (portrayed by Richard McGregor): Episodes - Nightmares and Gunz 'n Boyz
  • Boy/Young MacGyver (portrayed by Shane Meier): Episodes - Passages and Harry's Will
  • Prisoner (portrayed by Finn Michael - uncredited): Episode - Jack in the Box
  • Deegan/Ray Rigel (portrayed by Ryan Michael): Episodes - The Black Corsage and The Visitor
  • Turk/James MacGyver (portrayed by Martin Milner): Episodes - Thin Ice and Passengers
  • Dr Triwai/Tara (portrayed by Kim Miyori): Episodes - Second Chance and D.O.A. MacGyver
  • Wrigley/Earl/Alexander Shannon/Charity Santa Claus (portrayed by Robin Mossley): Episodes - Jack in the Box, The Endangered, Legend of the Holy Rose, and The Madonna
  • Danny Barrett/Frank Rogan (portrayed by Terry David Mulligan): Episodes - Fire and Ice and Two Times Trouble
  • Jake Harril/Blue collar man (portrayed by Bill Murdoch): Episodes - Fraternity of Thieves and High Control
  • Ahmed (portrayed by Ajay Naidu - uncredited): Episode - To Be a Man
  • Quayle/Erich Von Leer/Sir Duncan (portraed by Christopher Neame): Episodes - Deathlock, Legend of the Holy Rose, and Good Knight MacGyver
  • Lieutenant/Pilot (portrayed by Peter Nicholas): Episodes - GX-1 and Gold Rush
  • PR officer/Max Muller/Lyle Hoggart (portrayed by John Novak): Episodes - Kill Zone, Renegade, and The Ten Percent Solution
  • Bridges/Baranove (portrayed by Tom Ormeny): Episodes - The Prodigal and For Love or Money
  • Charles Keach/Cal (portrayed by Jonathon Pallone): Episodes - Fire and Ice and Rush to Judgement
  • Bag lady/Mrs. Delaney (portrayed by Betty Phillips): Episodes - Runners and The Black Corsage
  • Gary Newton/The Devil (portrayed by Max Reimer): Episodes - Cleo Rocks and Two Time Trouble
  • Chuck Larabee/Richardson (portrayed by Andrew Rhodes): Episodes - The Invisable Killer and Blind Faith
  • Guard/Grade (portrayed by Branscombe Richmond): Episodes - Trombo's World and The Spoilers
  • Booker Wilson/Dr. Pierre Redemteur (portrayed by Michael D. Roberts): Episodes - The Challenge and Walking Dead
  • Robot Assassin (portrayed by Michael Robinson - uncredited): Episode - Halloween Knights
  • Tommy/Brown (portrayed by Mario Roberts): Episodes - The Prodigal and Silent World
  • David Russel/Knight (portrayed by Alan Robertson): Episodes - The Odd Triple and Halloween Knights
  • Joey Bennett/James Crow (portrayed by Richard Romanus): Episodes - The Prodigal and Twice Stung
  • Mike Desmond/Willard/Political Prisoner (portrayed by Tim Rossovich): Episodes - Friends, Squeeze Play, and A Prisoner of Conscience
  • Ingers/Detective/Wyatt Robins (portrayed by Rob Roy): Episodes - Early Retirement, The Challenge, and Rush to Judgement
  • Lookout/Worker/Martine (portrayed by Pedro Salvin): Episodes - On a Wing and a Prayer, Legend of the Holy Rose, and Deep Cover
  • Headmaster Blake/Eli/Ryan (portrayed by William Samples): Episodes - Cease Fire, Squeeze Play, and Deadly Dreams
  • Diano/Charles (portrayed by Alvin Sanders): Episodes - Black Rhino and Lesson in Evil
  • Durst/Raphael (portrayed by Garwin Sanford): Episodes - Rock the Cradle and On A Wing and a Prayer
  • Izzy/Otto Romburg (portrayed by Milton Selzer): Episodes - The Lost Amadeus and The Wall
  • Sir Galumet (portrayed by Scott Shaw - uncredited): Episode - Good Knight MacGyver
  • Biker/Van driver (portrayed by Dan Shea): Episodes - Renegade and Deep Cover
  • Bartender/Victim /Lorraine (portrayed by Kymberly Sheppard): Episodes - Collision Course, Two Times Trouble, and Jerico Games
  • Owens/Buck Clovis/Quilla (portrayed by Michael Sicoly): Episodes - The Spoilers, Live and Learn, and The Coltons
  • Gen Antonio Vasquez/Col Antunnez/Captain Diaz (portrayed by Gregory Sierra): Episodes - The Gauntlet, Jack of Lies, and The Treasure of Manaco
  • Henry Colter/George Fairley (portrayed by James Sloyan): Episodes - The Invisable Killer and Live and Learn
  • Ambassador Vulnay/Hakim* (portrayed by Anthony Stamboulieh): Episodes - Fire and Ice, Passages*, and Eye of Osiris*
  • Frank Skinner/Bill Marsh (portrayed by Malcolm Stewart): Episodes - Second Chance and Squeeze Play
  • Doctor/Dr. Farrell (portrayed by Dana Still): Episodes - Murderer's Sky and Two Times Trouble
  • George Kaplan/Coach Grogan/Travis (portrayed by Howard Storey): Episodes - The Battle of Tommy Giordano, Legend of the Holy Rose, and High Control
  • Jerry Kluge/Commander Hilliard (portrayed by Don Stroud); Episodes - High Control and Renegade
  • Martin Farber/Captain Frank Walker (portrayed by William Taylor): Episodes - The Spoilers and Deadly Dreams
  • Steve Morrison/Logan (portrayed by Marshall R. Teague): Episodes - Renegade and MacGyver's Women
  • Cutler/Myron (portrayed by Don Thompson): Episode - Rock the Cradle and Tough Boys
  • Perry/Phil Crow (portrayed by Gordon Tootoosis): Episodes - Mask of the Wolf and Trail of Tears
  • Lucky Charlie/Cardosa (portrayed by Ed Trotta): Episodes - Jenny's Chance and Blind Faith
  • The Priest/Milt Bozer/News (portrayed by Frank C. Turner): Episodes - Back from the Dead, Halloween Knights, and MacGyver's Women
  • Laura Farren/Carol Varney (portrayed by Nana Visitor): Episodes - Hellfire and D.O.A. MacGyver
  • J. D. Maddox/Nick Milani/Falco (portrayed by Jerry Wasserman): Episodes - The Gun, Live and Learn, and Collision Course
  • Jack Caitlen/Paul Donnay (portrayed by Vernon Wells): Episodes - The Heist and The Odd Triple
  • Kennan/Sam/Johnson (portrayed by Gordon White): Episodes - Early Retirement, Deadly Dreams, and Trail of Tears
  • Small Town Girl Waitress (portrayed by Cynthia Windham - uncredited): Episode - Thin Ice
  • Wilton Newberry (portrayed by Henry Winkler - uncredited): Episode - Harry's Will
  • Erik Dunlop/Crandell/Colin Yardrow/Dennis/Sundance (portrayed by Dale Wilson): Episodes - Blow Out, The Survivors, Jenny's Chance, Tough Boys, and MacGyver's Women
  • Marcel Peugot/Merlin (portrayed by Time Winters): Episodes - Honest Abe and Good Knight MacGyver
  • Lee Sing/Doctor' (portrayed by Randall Wong): Episodes - Serenity and There But for the Grace
  • Karin Graff/Charlie Stone (portrayed by Katey Wright): Episodes - Ghost Ship and Collision Course
  • Stephen Frolov/Hans Visser/Anton deBrun (Ladysmith)/Nicolas Von Leer (portrayed by Kai Wulff): Episodes - Every Time She Smiles, Collision Course, Black Rhino, and Eye of Osiris
  • Terrorist (portrayed by Paul Yalnezian - uncredited): Episode - Easy Target
  • Jenkins/Cop (portrayed by Buck Young): Episodes - Final Approach and D.O.A. MacGyver
  • Zhao/Chung Tai Shan (portrayed by Keone Young): Episodes - Children of the Light and The Stringer
  • Carlo/Richard Giordano (portrayed by Peter Yunker): Episodes - Rock the Cradle and The Battle of Tommy Girodano
  • Cody (portrayed by Abe Vigoda): Episodes - Harry's Will
  • Earl Dent (portrayed by Dick Butkus): Episodes - [two, unidentified/to be determined]
  • Deborah (portrayed by Kristian Alfonso): Episodes - The Negotiator and Unfinished Business


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