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Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler-001.jpg
Jacob Butler on Location for his Music Video,"Come My Way".
Background information
Birth name Jacob Butler
Born (1982-03-29) 29 March 1982 (age 34)
Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia
Genres Pop rock alternative rock indie rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Musician,
Instruments Vocals, guitar, drums,
Years active 2005–present
Website thejbproject.net

Jacob Butler (* 29 March 1982 in Mount Gambier) is an Australian rock/pop musician and singer-songwriter. He became known for his participation in Australian Idol and The X Factor (Australia). His debut album Reason was released in 2012 throughout Europe. Reason was released in Australia and New Zealand on 16 August 2013.


Jacob Butler gained national prominence in Australia in 2005 when he participated in the first season of The X Factor (Australia). He made it to the Top 6.

In 2007, Butler took a new approach in the talent show Australian Idol. He made it through to the live shows and finished the competition ranked 8th[1][2]

In 2009, Butler released his debut single "Coma" though his own independent label, Lions Share Recordings. The single peaked at # 9 in the Australian AIR Charts.[3] He also made it to the finals of the Musicoz Awards[4] and the Independent International Songwriters Contest. In the video for "Coma", Pippa Black and Sweeney Young from the television series Neighbours, played the lead roles. The video was directed by Matt Hart.[5] The song was also used in the promotional trailer for the season finale of the series.[6]

In August 2009, Butler Performed at the City2Surf (Sydney) Charity Race, along with fellow Idol contestants, Wes Carr, and Jessica Mauboy.[7][8]

In September 2009, Butler filmed a Guest Appearance on Neighbours, Performing his song "Coma" on the show, at Charlies Bar. The Episode aired in Australia on 20 January 2010.[9][10][11][12][13]

Butler then performed "Coma" in October, Live on the 2009 Channel Seven Perth Telethon.[14] Butler's first television performance of "Coma" was on the show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne back in August 2009.[15]

In November 2009, Butler put out an digital EP called 'Coma Remixes" that contained the single "Coma" plus "Coma (demo version)". It had two remixes of "Coma" by Australian DJ LowKiss, a Club Mix and a Kraft Mix.

Butler was then part of a 'Radar (radio) Showcase Gig' at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne on 4 November 2009, alongside Australian pop/rock band My Future Lies.[16]

In 2010, Butler put out the "Coma LP" as a Limited Edition Physical CD. The LP contained the four versions of "Coma" (single, demo, and the two remixes) plus six more previously unreleased tracks. Only 200 CD's were pressed, coming with either a red or green coloured disc.

In 2011, Butler recorded his album Reason. This was produced by Richard Stolz in the famous Sing Sing Studios and L.U.C.A Sound Studios in Melbourne.

In 2012, Butler made the leap abroad and secured several record contracts. Among other things, he is under contract with the labels Very Us Records (Germany, Austria and Switzerland),[17] V2 Records (Benelux),[18] Universal Music (Poland and Bulgaria),[19] Bill Berg Entertainment (Scandinavia)[20] EMI (Greece and Cyprus) and The David Gresham Company (South Africa).[21]

With his single "Come My Way", Butler received a Top 5 Nomination in the Alternative Music Category of the 2012 MusicOz Awards.[22][23] The song was played in Germany on all major radio stations, and made it to #47 of the mainstream airplay chart. He performed a live version of "Come My Way" on Children's Program Kids' WB Australia which aired on Mother's Day, 2012.[24] "Come My Way" also ran in a television advertisement for Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia.[25] and was preloaded onto Sony Xperia, Billabong edition smartphones.

Also in 2012 with his song "Mind Waltz", Butler won the prestigious "Unsigned Only Music Competition" in the Adult Album Alternative category "AAA".[26] Butler co-wrote the song, with Ben Stolz.

Finnish Music Producer Jukka Backlund made a 'Euro Radiomix' of Butler's single "Ukok", which was released in August 2012 with the single as a Bonus track.[27]

In October 2012, Butler flew to Germany, Sweden and Poland for a month long promotional tour.[28] While there he did live performances and interviews, for TV and Radio. Including an Album Launch at the Australian embassy in Stockholm.[29]

Butler released the music video for his single "Kites" on 7 July 2013. The video for "Kites" was self-directed by Butler and was filmed on location in Switzerland at several locations including, Lake Lucerne, Stockhorn and Mount Pilatus.[30][31]

In August 2013, Magic 89.9 FM hosted an 'Exclusive Listener Party' in Port Lincoln, for their radio listeners to meet Butler in person and hear his album in full before its official release date, with tickets to the event only available through a radio competition on their breakfast show. [32]

Reason was released in Australia and New Zealand on 16 August 2013. Upon its release, the album debut at #15 on the Australian iTunes ‘Alternative Album’ Chart. The album was available as a digital album and as a physical CD, with the later sold in JB Hifi Stores as well as other smaller record stores. People were able to purchase a signed copy of the album when they pre-ordered it though the JB Hifi website. The album was released though a licensing deal with the Australian label, Red Rebel Music. Reason was finally launched in Australia after coming out in Europe almost a year before. The lead single released from the album was the song "Kites". Reason also contains, "Come My Way", "Ukok", "Coma" (as a secret track) and "Mind Waltz", all past singles which Butler had previously promoted independently in Australia.

Butler's next single, "Get Right Round"[33] was released in February 2014. Butler was originally going to pass the track onto another artist to use as a single, but his management convinced him to keep it and put the song out himself. The track is included as part of the Deluxe Edition of Reason and is not found on the original version.

Reason Deluxe Edition came out on 10 October 2014 though iTunes.[34] Containing "Get Right Round" as well as a new previously unreleased track, the Deluxe album was made available in Australia but also, in the UK and USA. Both places where Butler's music was unavailable to purchase, before this.



  • Reason - 24 August 2012 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)[35]
  • Reason - 6 November 2012 (Poland, Bulgaria)
  • Reason - 15 November 2012 (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • Reason - 16 August 2013 (Red Rebel Music, CD/Digital, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Reason Deluxe Edition - 10 October 2014 (Independent Release, Digital Only, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand)[36]


  • Coma - Released 7 August 2009 (as "The Jacob Butler Project", Independent Release, Australia Only)[37]
  • Ukok - 12 August 2011 (Independent Release, Australia Only)
  • Come My Way - 30 January 2012 (Independent Release, Australia Only)
  • Come My Way - 21 April 2012 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)[38]
  • Ukok - 17 August 2012 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)[35]
  • Come My Way - 13 September 2012 (Poland, Bulgaria)
  • Mind Waltz - 21 September 2012 (Independent Release, Australia Only)
  • Come My Way - 1 October 2012 (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • Come My Way - 5 November 2012 (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • Come My Way - 5 November 2012 (Greece, Cyprus)
  • Kites - 12 July 2013 (Red Rebel Music, Australia)
  • Get Right Round - 14 February 2014 (Possum Records, Australia, New Zealand)[39]

Music Videos[edit]

  • Coma - Directed by Matt Hart, 21 July 2009[40]
  • Come My Way - Directed by Jacob Butler, 10 January 2012[41]
  • Ukok - Directed by Jacob Butler, 27 July 2012[42]
  • Kites - Directed by Jacob Butler - 7 July 2013[43]

Personal Life[edit]

Butler was born in Mount Gambier. He then moved with his parents to Port Lincoln and from there on to Adelaide. On 24 March 2013, Jacob Butler married his longtime fiancée and Network Ten Publicity Manager, Paula Lucarelli in Melbourne, where they live today.

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