Jalchatra Bazaar, Bangladesh

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Jalchatra Bazaar

জলছত্র বাজার
Jalchatra Bazaar is located in Bangladesh
Jalchatra Bazaar
Jalchatra Bazaar
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 24°37′N 90°1.5′E / 24.617°N 90.0250°E / 24.617; 90.0250Coordinates: 24°37′N 90°1.5′E / 24.617°N 90.0250°E / 24.617; 90.0250
Country Bangladesh
DivisionDhaka Division
DistrictTangail District
UpazilaMadhupur Upazila
Union CouncilArankhola Union
30 m (100 ft)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)

Jalchatra Bazaar (Bengali: জলছত্র বাজার) is a market of Arankhola Union, Madhupur Upazila, Tangail District, Bangladesh. It is situated 56 km northeast of Tangail and 44 km southwest of Mymensingh deep in the Madhupur Jungle.

Jalchatra Bazaar is widely popular for its banana and pineapple market. Madhupur tract is very fertile for banana and pineapple production. About 80 percent of pineapples of Bangladesh are produced in Madhupur Upazila. These pineapples and bananas are all resembled in Jalchatra by the distributors to sell the fruits to the buyers from all over Bangladesh.[1]

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