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Jami Attenberg
Headshot of Attenberg smiling at the camera. She wears curly hair shoulder-length with bangs and a floral-print top.
Attenberg at the 2017 Texas Book Festival
Alma mater Johns Hopkins University
Occupation Writer
Era 21st-century
Notable work The Middlesteins
Saint Mazie
All Grown Up
Home town Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Website jamiattenberg.com

Jami Attenberg (born 1971 in Arlington Heights, Illinois[1]) is an American fiction writer and essayist. She is the author of a short story collection and five novels, including best-seller The Middlesteins.

Early life[edit]

Attenberg grew up in Buffalo Grove, Illinois,[2] and graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Writing.[3]


Attenberg worked at HBO before deciding to devote herself to fiction writing, initially supported by temp jobs.[4] Attenberg has also worked at bookstore Saturday at Word in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a job she took after giving several readings at the store.[5]


In 2006, Attenberg published a collection of short stories with Random/Shaye Areheart under the title Instant Love.[6] Two novels followed: The Kept Man (Riverhead, 2008)[7][8] and The Melting Season (2010).[9][10]

Following a change in publisher and accompanying marketing strategy (with subsequent works promoted not as women's fiction but instead as literary fiction, including blurb from Jonathan Franzen on her third book),[4] Attenberg experienced a literary breakthrough in 2012 with her third novel The Middlesteins,[11][12][13][14][15] which became a New York Times bestseller[16] and was listed among the ten best-selling books on Amazon in 2012.[17] The Middlesteins was translated into multiple languages and Attenberg was nominated for multiple literature awards, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize[18] and the St. Francis College Literary Prize.[19]

In 2015, Attenberg published her fifth book, Saint Mazie (Hachette).[20][21][22][23][24][25] Buzzfeed listed Saint Mazie as one of the 27 "Most Exciting Books of 2015."[26]

Attenberg's next novel, All Grown Up, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in the US in March 2017,[27][28][29][30][31][32] and in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Holland in 2017–2018.


Attenberg's essays, treating a various topics, can be found in The New York Times,[33] The Wall Street Journal,[34] Vogue,[35] Elle[36] and Lenny Letter.[37]

Personal life[edit]

Attenberg splits her time between Brooklyn, NY, and New Orleans, LA.[38]


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