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Jamie Delano
Northampton, England
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Captain Britain

Jamie Delano (/ˈdɛlən/ DEL-ə-noh; born 1954) is an English comic book writer. He was part of the first post-Alan Moore "British Invasion" of writers which started to feature in American comics in the 1980s. He is best known as the first writer of the comic book series Hellblazer, featuring John Constantine.


Jamie Delano wrote all but three of the first forty issues of Hellblazer for DC Comics from 1988 to 1991. Most of his other work has also been for DC/Vertigo.[citation needed]

Much of Delano's work can be characterised as science fiction, or horror, but often is a blend thereof.[citation needed]

Subjects in his work include the battle of the sexes (World Without End), imperialism and genocide (Ghostdancing), and environmental and cultural collapse (2020 Visions, Animal Man).

A. William James is Delano's prose-writing alter ego. His novel Book Thirteen is published under his Lepus Books imprint.[1]


Comics work includes:

Prose work includes:


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