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Jango logo.PNG
Web address http://www.jango.com
Slogan Free music – Internet radio that plays what you want!
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Internet radio / social networking / educational
Available in English, Spanish
Created by Daniel Kaufman, Chris Dowhan, Mattias Stanghed, Johan Sandstrom, Josh Engroff, Matt Knox, Steve Eddy
Launched November 2007
Alexa rank
4,756 (2013-07-06)[1]
Current status Online

Jango is a free online music streaming service that allows users to create and share custom radio stations. Users choose artists to stream, and the station plays music from similar artists.[2] Users can further refine their stations by rating songs and artists in their feed to play less or more frequently.[3]

The service also incorporates social networking by “matching” users with listeners that have similar musical preferences.[4] Users can share their stations or listen to stations created by others in the Jango social network.[3]

The site also provides independent artists the opportunity, for a fee, to showcase their music by recommending their songs alongside that of similar popular artists.[5]

Jango’s business model is derived from advertising revenues and transaction fees from selling music through the site. There is currently no premium services available for the site.[5][6]

Based in New York City, Jango was launched in November 2007[2] by CEO Daniel Kaufman and CTO Chris Dowhan, who were previously the founders of Dash.com.[5][7][8]


  • Customizable stations - type in the artist you want to hear - your station will play the music you want along with similar artists
  • Recommendations based on user's rated songs and artists allowing music discovery
  • Variety setting includes "Play popular", "Play variety" and "Most variety"
  • Add more artists to a station
  • Android App / iPhone App
  • Unlimited Skips
  • "Radio Airplay" paid promotion service that gives emerging artists airplay on Jango's stations


  • Playback, fast forward, and rewind are not possible.
  • Play-on-demand is not possible.
  • Banner ads
  • Cannot exclude artists, only individual songs.
  • Cannot remove an artist once it is added to a station
  • Can only add up to six artists to a station
  • FAQ out of date
  • Can only add up to 100 song to "Favorite Songs" list

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