Janice Cooke

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Janice Cooke
Other names Janice A. Cook
Janice A. Cooke
J. Cooke-Leonard
Janice Cooke-Leonard
Janice Cooke Leonard
Occupation Television director, television producer
Years active 1980–present

Janice Cooke is an American television director and producer.

She began her professional career as an associate producer on the series Fantasy Island in 1980. Followed by a number of other television producing credits in Blue Thunder, Our Family Honor, Werewolf, Hard Time on Planet Earth, Moon Over Miami, The Marshal and Any Day Now. She made her episodic directorial debut with Any Day Now.[1]

Cooke-Leonard's directorial credits include Dawson's Creek, The Division, Summerland, Charmed, Close to Home, Privileged, The Ex List, The Cleaner, 90210, One Tree Hill, Cold Case, and Gossip Girl.[1] She has also participated in the production of the web series Hollywood Is Like High School with Money.[2]


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