Janji Joni

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Janji Joni
Janji Joni.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Joko Anwar
Produced by Nia Di Nata
Written by Joko Anwar
Starring Nicholas Saputra
Mariana Renata
Rachel Maryam
Distributed by

Focus Films (internationally)

Kalyana Shira Films (in Indonesia)
Release date
27 April 2005
Running time
83 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Budget 3.5 billions rupiah

Janji Joni (English: Joni's Promise) is a 2005 Indonesian romantic comedy film directed by Joko Anwar, starring Nicholas Saputra, Mariana Renata, and Rachel Maryam.


Joni works as a film/reel delivery man in Jakarta. One day, while waiting for the next pick-up, Joni meets a charming girl who is going to catch a film with her boyfriend Otto. The girl would only reveal her name to Joni if he successfully delivers the reels on time. However, things do not turn out well on that day as Joni faces obstacles such as the city's notorious traffic and various people that may disrupt his task.


Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Best Film 2005 in TEMPO magazine
  • Best Movie, MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005
  • Most Favorite Actor (Nicholas Saputra), MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005
  • Most Favorite Supporting Actress (Mariana Renata), MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005
  • Best Director (Joko Anwar), Bali International Film Festival 2005
  • SET Awards 2005 (Joko Anwar)
  • Best Editing (Yoga Koesprapto), Asia Pacific Film Festival 2005
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2005
    • Best supporting actor – Gito Rollies
    • Penyunting Terbaik – Yoga K. Koesprapto

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