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Jason Willett is an American musician, known largely for his work with experimental rock groups including Half Japanese, Can Openers, Pleasant Livers, X-Ray Eyes, The Dramatics, The Jaunties, The Attitude Robots, Leprechaun Catering, and many more. His record label, Megaphone, initially set out to issue work by punkish Rock in Opposition-derived performers like The Work, Fred Frith, the Molecules, Matmos, Tim Hodgkinson and Jac Berrocal but became largely a venue for Willett's own collaborative music. He has also made records with Ruins, Jac Berrocal, James Chance, Jon Rose, Michael Evans, Ron Anderson, Benb Gallaher, Mick Hobbs, Chris Cutler, Little Howlin Wolf, Yamatsuka Eye & his various pet ducks.[citation needed]

The son of songwriter Fangette Willett (whose work includes Tammy St. John's "Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways" and Walter Jackson's "It's an Uphill Climb to the Bottom"), Jason Willett was raised in a musical household in Maryland. After being drafted as bassist for Half Japanese in 1990, he has retained a collaborative relationship with Jad Fair, with whom he has produced 14 collaborative duo releases (at least 2000 songs still unreleased).[citation needed]

He currently operates The True Vine record shop in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood.[citation needed]


  • Green Exist (Cassette) 1987
  • Jason Willett {7" EP} (Unpunk) 1992
  • Jason Willett, Jad Fair & Gilles Reider {CD} (Megaphone) 1993
  • The Jaunties {Triple 7" Box Set} (Stomach Ache) 1994[citation needed]
  • The Dramatics {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1994
  • The Can Openers {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995[citation needed]
  • The Jaunties: Asthma {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • The Pleasant Livers: From The Land Of Pleasant Living {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • The Dentures: 40,000 Warriors {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • The Attitude Robots {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • The Jaunties: Myoclonic Twitch In The Key Of H {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • X-Ray Eyes {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995
  • The Dramatics: This Is International Telecom {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995[citation needed]
  • The Dramatics: This Is International Telecom {LP} (Lissy's) 1995[citation needed]
  • Jason Willett & Ruins {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1995[citation needed]
  • Half Japanese: Hot {CD} (Safehouse 1995)[citation needed]
  • Half Japanese: Hot {LP} (Safe House 1995)[citation needed]
  • The Can Openers: Sherbet {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1996
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Honeybee {LP} (Dr. Jim's 1996)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett - The Corpse Is Missing {7" Inside Book} (Slab-O-Concrete 1996)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Punk Rock 1996 {7" EP} (Chlorophyl 2006)
  • The Attitude Robots: Iron On T-shirt {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1996
  • The Dentures: 10" Voice {CD} (Megaphone Limited) 1996
  • The Dramatics: Hypnotist Geese CD (Megaphone Limited) 1996
  • The Dramatics: Garbage For Your Gut {Triple 7" Box Set}
  • Jason Willett & Jad Fair: It's All Good CD (Megaphone Limited) 1996
  • Jac Berrocal: Non Connexion {7" EP} (Megaphone 2007)
  • Vince Taylor: Rock N' Roll Station {7"} (Megaphone 2007)
  • X-Ray Eyes: Bonemeal CD (Megaphone Limited) 1997
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: The Mighty Superheroes {CD} (Marginal 1997)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Wonderful World {Triple Cassette Box} (Shrimper 1997)
  • Jason Willett & Jad Fair: Twister {LP} (Dark Beloved Cloud 1997)
  • The Jaunties: Yes Lord! CD (Megaphone Limited) 1997
  • The Attitude Robots: Kings CD (Megaphone Limited) 1998
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Wild CD (Megaphone Limited) 1998
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Enjoyable Songs {CD} (Alternative Tentacles 1998)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Enjoyable Songs {LP} (Alternative Tentacles 1998)
  • Jason Willett & Jad Fair: We're Going To The Moon CD (Megaphone Limited) 1998
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: The Mighty Hypnotic Eye {CD} (Dr. Jim's 1999)
  • Half Japanese: Hello {CD} (Alternative Tentacles 2001)
  • Half Japanese: Hello {LP} (Alternative Tentacles 2001)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: The Attack Of Everything {CD Inside Book} (Slab-O-Concrete 2002)
  • Jason Willett & Ron Anderson: Be The First On The Block To Eat The Snake {CD} (Ra Sounds 2003)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett: Superfine {CD} (Public Eyesore 2004)
  • Leprechaun Catering: Kumquats, Lychees {LP} (Ehse 2004)
  • Leprechaun Catering: Male Plumage {LP} (White Denim 2006)
  • The Pleasant Livers: From The Land Of Pleasant Living {CD} (Megaphone Limited 2007)
  • Jason Willett: The Sounds Of Megaphone Limited (CD) (Mt6 2008)
  • The Can Openers: Is The One (CD) (Megaphone Limited 2008)
  • Jason Willett: Late Night Moisturizer (7" split w/ Jason Urick) (Wildfire Wildfire 2010)
  • Instant Coffee!: s/t (LP) (Planam 2010)
  • Jason Willett: Something's Going On.... (Cassette) (Player Press) (2014)
  • Half Japanese: Overjoyed (LP) (Joyful Noise) (2014)
  • Bottomless Up: s/t (Cassette) (A Megaphone Cassette Special) (2015)
  • Half Japanese: Bingo Ringo (EP) (Joyful Noise) (2015)
  • Jad Fair & Jason Willett - The Greatest Power (Dymaxion Groove) (2015)
  • I Said No Doctors! (2017, Dymaxion Groove)

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