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Birth name Jade Goto
Born (1981-09-16) 16 September 1981 (age 36),
Invercargill,[1] New Zealand
Genres Pop, R&B, hip-hop, soul
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2005–present
Labels Pure Sand West
Toy's Factory
Associated acts 4WD, 10for Efdee, Emi Maria, "E"qual, Dabo, DJ Kaori, DJ Yutaka, Doberman Inc., I-Dea, Infinity 16, Jamosa, Juju, Norisiam-X, Sphere of Influence, Wolf Pack,

Jade Goto[1] (born 16 September 1981), better known by his stage name Jay'ed (stylised as JAY'ED) is a Japanese R&B singer-songwriter. He debuted under Toy's Factory in 2007, and is most known for his single with Juju, "Ashita ga Kuru Nara" which sold over 140,000 copies.[2]


Jay'ed was born in 1981 in New Zealand to a Japanese father and Polynesian mother of Samoan and Māori descent. He lived in New Zealand until he was 10, then moved to Minoh, Osaka. After deciding to become a singer, Jay'ed performed in the local Osaka club circuit. His first break into music was in 2002, when he appeared as a featured artist on a Sphere of Influence album track.

He debuted as an indie artist in 2005, with his first single "Why?". This was followed by a mini-album, Gift: Just Let Me Know, which sold over 20,000 copies. In 2008, he debuted as a major label artist on Toy's Factory with the single "Superwoman".

Jay'ed found his most success in 2009, after a duet singer Juju on the song "Ashita ga Kuru Nara," which was used as the theme song for the movie April Bride. It was a hit, reaching No. 2 on Oricon charts.[2]

Jay'ed collaborated with Infinity 16 and Waka-danna from Shōnan no Kaze on the song "Tsutaetai Koto ga Konna Aru Noni" (伝えたい事がこんなあるのに, I Have Stuff to Tell You, But). It was not successful in physical sales or airplay, but reached No. 1 on the RIAJ digital tracks chart for three weeks. This made Jay'ed the artist with the most weeks at No. 1 (6, including Ashita ga Kuru Nara's weeks); however in mid-2010 this record was beaten by Kana Nishino. Jay'ed's 6th single, "Everybody," was picked as the KDDI au CM song, a promotion giving Jay'ed his first top 20 solo single.



Year Album Information Chart positions
Oricon Albums Charts Soundscan Album Top 20
2006 "Gift: Just Let Me Know"
2008 "The Gift"
2009 "Musication" 6 4
2017 "Here I Stand"


As lead artist[edit]

Release Title Notes Chart positions Album
Oricon Singles Charts Billboard Japan Hot 100 RIAJ digital tracks*
2005 "Why?" Indie single. The Gift
2008 "Superwoman" Major debut single. 95 76 Musication
"Zutto Issho" (ずっと一緒, Together More and More) 40 29
2009 "Saigo no Yasashisa" (最後の優しさ, Final Kindness) 32
"Cry for You/Can't Let You Go" 44 18 15
"Everybody" KDDI au CM song. 19 7 6
2010 "Pray" TBA TBA 58 TBA

* established April 2009.

As featured artist[edit]

Release Artist Title Notes Chart positions Album
Oricon Singles Charts Billboard Japan Hot 100 RIAJ digital tracks
2005 Norisiam-X & Jay'ed "Pop Them Bottles" Coors "Zima" CM song N X R 2
2008 Lisa Halim feat. Jay'ed "Setsunai Kurai, Aishiteta." (切ないくらい、愛してた。, I Was Loving Like I Was in Pain) 84 Here I Am
2009 Juju with Jay'ed "Ashita ga Kuru Nara" (明日がくるなら, If Tomorrow Comes) 2 1 1 Juju
Lil' Eddie featuring JAY'ED and DJ Casper "Trouble Sleeping" bonus single City of My Heart
Infinity 16 welcomez
Waka-danna from
Shōnan no Kaze
& Jay'ed
"Tsutaetai Koto ga Konna Aru noni" (伝えたい事がこんなあるのに, I Have Stuff to Tell You, But) 23 45 1 TBA
2010 Emi Maria feat. Jay'ed "We Standing Strong" Digital single. Contrast
May's feat. Jay'ed "Close Your Eyes" Digital single. 12 Featuring: Collabo Best

Other appearances[edit]

Release Artist Title Notes Album
2002 Sphere of Influence feat. L & Jay'ed "That Girl" The Influence
2003 Sphere of Influence feat. L-Vocal & Jay'ed & B-Buttafly aka Norisham-X "That Girl" (Remix) Walk This Way feat. Sora3000 (single)
DJ Yutaka feat. DJ Kaori, Jay'ed "Rock the Party" United Nations III
2004 Norisiam-X feat. Jay'ed "If I..." Brave New World
2005 "E"qual feat. Jay'ed "Live on Direct" The Rock City
2006 I-Dea feat. Jamosa & Jay'ed "Fly Away" Later put on Jamosa's album "One" Da Front and Back
Wolf Pack feat. Jay'ed & Jazzy Blaze "So So Good (Sō Sō Gutto....)" (そうそうグっと) Fireomania
Doberman Inc. feat. Jay'ed "Baby I'm Sorry" Stop, Look, Listen
"Stop, Look, Listen"
"E"qual feat. Jay'ed "Baby, Baby" 7 Days
2007 Dabo feat. Jay'ed, Twigy "Hanzoku (I'm So Kool)" (反則, Foul Play) Dabo Presents B.M.W.: Baby Mario World Vol. 1
I-Dea (performed by Jay'ed) "I Wouldn't Change a Thing" Diana Ross cover Re;cover
Doberman Inc feat. Jay'ed "Hypnotic" The Best
2008 10for Efdee feat. Jay'ed "Letter 2.........." 104: 4 Japanese
DJ Kaori feat. Jay'ed "You're the Only One" DJ Kaori's J-Mix II
2010 Tynisha Keli feat. Jay'ed "The Right Way" The 5th Element
Lil' Eddie feat. Jay'ed "Trouble Sleeping" City of My Heart - Deluxe Edition
JAMOSA feat. Jay'ed and Wakadanna "Nanika Hitotsu" Misaki Number One OST


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