Jean d'Aulon

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Jean d'Aulon (1390–1458) served as Joan of Arc's bodyguard, a position which is often attributed to Gilles De Rais. He served as her squire, or bursar, and was captured at the same time she was. Despite this, he managed to survive, to die in September, 1458.

He took part in the rescue of Montargis in 1427. He became Chamberlain to the king, and Captain-Governor of the castle at Pierre-Scize.

Appearances in video games[edit]

He appears in the video game Jeanne D'Arc, where he is one of the two characters who joins at Neufchâteau, upon orders of the commander of Vaucouleurs. He is presented in the game as aristocratic, and uses a spear. It is also thought that this character might actually be Jean de Nouvelomport, called Jean de Metz, as he joins alongside Bertrand de Poulengy, who historically was assigned to accompany Joan of Arc in Vaucoleurs together with Jean de Metz.