Gabal Hagar El Zarqa

Coordinates: 21°53′00″N 33°58′00″E / 21.88333°N 33.96667°E / 21.88333; 33.96667
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Gabal Hagar El Zarqa
Jebel Hagar ez Zarqa is located in Egypt
Jebel Hagar ez Zarqa
Jebel Hagar ez Zarqa
Location in Bir Tawil
Highest point
Elevation662 m (2,172 ft)
Coordinates21°53′00″N 33°58′00″E / 21.88333°N 33.96667°E / 21.88333; 33.96667

Gabal Hagar El Zarqa (Arabic: جَـبَـل حَـجَـر الـزَّرْقَـاء, romanizedJabal Ḥajar az-Zarqā’)[1] is the highest point in Bir Tawil, an unclaimed area in the Nubian desert between Egypt and Sudan[2] in Northeast Africa. Due to a long-standing disagreement over the location of that border, its jurisdiction is unclear; it is said by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to be in Egypt.[3] In December 2017, British mountaineer Ginge Fullen accompanied by a local guide summited a point 400 m (1,300 ft) to the east of the waypoint listed on the right, recording a height of 716 m (2,349 ft) at N21 53'01 E33 58'13.

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