Fox Sagar Lake

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Fox Sagar Lake
Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Coordinates 17°31′26″N 78°28′12″E / 17.524°N 78.470°E / 17.524; 78.470Coordinates: 17°31′26″N 78°28′12″E / 17.524°N 78.470°E / 17.524; 78.470
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Musi
Primary outflows Musi
Basin countries India
Surface area 2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)

Fox Sagar Lake, also Jeedimetla Cheruvu or Kolla Cheruvu, is the fifth largest lake, spread over 2 km2, in Hyderabad, India. It is located in Jeedimetla near Kompally, Hyderabad.[1][2] The lake is popular for fishing and a popular spot for picnics.[citation needed]


It is famous for its natural beauty known locally as Kolla Cheruvu, the Nizam constructed a dam on the lake naming it Fox Sagar in 1897, as part 31 lakes created for improving water sources for the city of Hyderabad.[3] A pump house was built on the bund, constructed in a typical Nizam architecture. It, at the time, provided drinking and irrigation for nearby villages.


The lake is spread over 2 km2.[4] It is home to flamingos, yellow-billed storks, ospreys, grey herons, great cormorants, kingfishers, baya weavers, garganeys, among others.[citation needed] It is often visited by bird watchers.[citation needed]


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