Wardha River

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Wardha river at Pulgaon.jpg
Wardha river at Pulgaon
Country India
Basin features
Main source Multai
River mouth Pranahita
Progression Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana
Physical characteristics
Length 528 km (328 mi)

The Wardha River[1] (Varada River,[2] Marathi: वर्धा Telugu: వార్ధా నది) is one of the biggest rivers in Vidarbha region in India. The Wardha River joins the Wainganga River south of Chamorshi and forms the Pranahita River at Adilabad District, Telangana.[3]


Wardha originates at an altitude of 777 meters Satpura Range in village khairwani near Multai, Betul District of Madhya Pradesh..........


From the origin it flows 32 km in Madhya Pradesh and then enters into Maharashtra. After traversing 528 km, it joins the Wainganga forming the Pranahita, which ultimately flows into the Godavari River.


Kar, Wena, Jam, Erai are the left tributaries. Madu, Bembla, Penganga are the right tributaries.


A huge dam Upper Wardha Dam is built on Wardha river near *Morshi . It is considered as lifeline for Amravati city and Morshi and Warud Talukas considered as California of India for its orange plantations.[4] A dam on Bembala river under construction, to be considering a lifeline for part of Yavatmal Dist.

A Lower Wardha Dam is also being constructed near Dhanodi village.


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