Jenny Ross

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This article is about the punk rocker. For the architect director of BDP, see Jennifer Ross Meiring.
Jenny Ross
Born c. 1962
Died 20 November 2004(2004-11-20)[1] (aged 42)
Instruments Vocals, Keyboard, Synthesizer
Associated acts Section 25

Jennifer Ann Ross, also known by her married name, Jenny Cassidy, was a member of the English post-punk band Section 25. Already married to founder member Larry Cassidy, she joined the band in 1983, performing on and co-writing their landmark 1984 album From the Hip on Factory Records. Her best-known vocal performance is on their dance single Looking From a Hilltop. After a long fight with cancer, she died on 20 November 2004 at the age of 42.[1] The LTM DVD So Far, an audio-visual history of the band released in January 2005, was dedicated to her memory. in 2009 her daughter Bethany Cassidy joined the group as co-vocalist and keyboards player.


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