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Jeremy Bates
Real name Jeremy Bates
Nickname(s) The Beast
Rated at Heavyweight
Height 5 ft 10.5 in (1.791 m)
Reach 72 in (180 cm)
Nationality American
Born (1974-01-12) January 12, 1974 (age 41)
Argillite, Kentucky
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 41
Wins 23
Wins by KO 19
Losses 17
Draws 1
No contests 0

Jeremy Bates (born January 12, 1974, in Argillite, Kentucky) is an American heavyweight boxer. Nicknamed "The Beast", Bates was a moderately successful fighter who fought several other journeyman fighters of his era.[citation needed] Bates has become something of a "comeback" opponent for veteran fighters such as Holyfield, Golota, and Meehan.

Professional boxing career[edit]

Early career[edit]

Bates turned professional in 1999 and fought mainly journeyman fighters, losing to prospect Andre Purlette in 2001. Bates later lost to Sedreck Fields, Kirk Johnson, Leo Nolan, Brian Minto, and Ray Austin before his first retirement.

The Holyfield fight[edit]

Bates was persuaded to postpone his retirement when he was given an opportunity to fight four time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. On August 18, 2006 in a 10 round bout at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the 44 year old Holyfield dominated the fight which was stopped in the second round after Holyfield landed about 20 consecutive punches on Bates. The events prior too, and the fight itself are documented in Evander Holyfields new book "Becoming Holyfield".

Retirement from boxing[edit]

Bates retired with a record of 21 wins, 13 losses and 1 draw, with 18 wins by knockout. Post boxing, Bates began a successful[peacock term] career as a full-time insurance sales professional.[citation needed] Bates is currently employed at the United States Enrichment Corporation. (USEC) is a Uranium gaseous diffusion plant in Portsmouth OH.

Coming out of retirement[edit]

Bates would come out of retirement to face Guillermo Jones, Andrew Golota, Odlanier Solis, Kevin Rainey, and most recently Kali Meehan. All of those fights, with the exception of Bates' bout with Kevin Rainey, would be losses. Currently, Bates' record stands at 23 wins, 17 losses and 1 draw, with 19 wins by knockout.

Professional boxing record[edit]

23 Wins (19 knockouts, 4 decisions), 17 Losses (12 knockouts, 4 decisions, 1 disqualification), 1 Draw[1]
Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Win 23-17-1 United States Justin Riegle TKO 1 (4), 1:03 July 30, 2011 United States Cannonsburg, KY
Loss 22-17-1 Belarus Siarhei Liakhovich TKO 1 (8), 2:11 November 7, 2009 Germany Nuremberg, Germany
Loss 22-16-1 Australia Kali Meehan TKO 3 (10), 1:16 February 16, 2008 Germany Nuremberg, Germany
Win 22-15-1 United States Kevin Rainey Unanimous decision 4 January 18, 2008 United States Somerset, KY
Loss 21-15-1 Cuba Odlanier Solís TKO 2 (8), 0:18 October 19, 2007 Germany Berlin, Germany
Loss 21-14-1 Poland Andrzej Gołota TKO 2 (10), 2:59 June 9, 2007 Poland Katowice, Poland
Loss 21-13-1 Panama Guillermo Jones TKO 1 (8), 1:44 January 6, 2007 United States Hollywood, FL
Loss 21-12-1 United States Evander Holyfield TKO 2 (10), 2:56 August 18, 2006 United States Dallas, TX
Loss 21-11-1 United States Ray Austin TKO 2 (10), 1:17 April 1, 2006 United States Cleveland, OH
Loss 21-10-1 United States Zack Page Unanimous decision 8 December 9, 2005 United States Wheeling, WV
Win 21-9-1 United States Jason Waller Unanimous decision 8 October 14, 2005 United States Wheeling, WV
Win 20-9-1 United States Travis Fulton TKO 1 (8) August 12, 2005 United States Wheeling, WV
Loss 19-9-1 United States Jason Waller Unanimous decision 6 May 24, 2005 United States Woodlawn, MD
Win 19-8-1 United States Carlton Johnson Unanimous decision 8 April 22, 2005 United States Wheeling, WV
Win 18-8-1 United States Kevin Tallon Unanimous decision 4 June 25, 2004 United States Wheeling, WV
Loss 17-8-1 United States Brian Minto TKO 8 (10), 2:56 April 23, 2004 United States Wheeling, WV Vacant West Virginia
Heavyweight title on the line.
Win 17-7-1 United States Jeff Lally KO 2 January 18, 2004 United States West Virginia
Loss 16-7-1 United States Leo Nolan TKO 4 (8) June 13, 2003 United States Detroit, MI Corner retirement.
Win 16-6-1 United States Rodney Phillips TKO 1 March 29, 2003 United States Parkersburg, WV
Loss 15-6-1 Canada Kirk Johnson KO 2 (8), 2:59 December 7, 2002 United States Las Vegas, NV
Win 15-5-1 United States Mark Johnson TKO 4 (4), 0:00 July 12, 2002 United States Lexington, KY Corner retirement.
Loss 14-5-1 United States Willie Phillips TKO 6 (8), 1:41 June 11, 2002 United States Chester, WV
Win 14-4-1 United States Scott Hosaflook TKO 1 June 1, 2002 United States Morgantown, WV
Loss 13-4-1 United States David McNemar Majority decision 12 April 20, 2002 United States Parkersburg, WV Scoring was 118-110 and
116-112 in favor of McNemar,
and a 114-114 draw.
Loss 13-3-1 United States Sedreck Fields Disqualification 4 (5), 1:11 January 30, 2002 United States Miami Beach, FL Bates was disqualified for
flagrant headbutting.
Loss 13-2-1 Guyana Andre Purlette TKO 2 (12), 1:29 October 5, 2001 United States Miami Beach, FL Vacant NABO Heavyweight
title on the line.
Win 13-1-1 United States Jimmy Haynes KO 1 (6), 2:00 September 28, 2001 United States Lexington, KY
Win 12-1-1 United States Gerald Moore KO 1 August 25, 2001 United States Beckley, WV
Win 11-1-1 United States Carlton Johnson KO 1 August 14, 2001 United States Chester, WV
Win 10-1-1 United States Jorel Mann TKO 1 July 28, 2001 United States Huntington, WV
Win 9-1-1 United States Mike Sheppard TKO 1 June 9, 2001 United States Parkersburg, WV
Win 8-1-1 United States Antonio Colbert TKO 1 (4), 2:10 April 19, 2001 United States Lexington, KY
Win 7-1-1 United States David Johnson KO 1 (4), 1:50 March 30, 2001 United States Lexington, KY
Draw 6-1-1 United States Chad Van Sickle Draw 4 March 1, 2001 United States Lexington, KY
Win 6–1 United States Elmer Coles TKO 1 January 20, 2001 United States Huntington, WV
Win 5–1 United States George Randolph TKO 1 December 9, 2000 United States Huntington, WV
Win 4–1 United States Thomas Dixon TKO 3 September 16, 2000 United States Huntington, WV
Win 3–1 United States Mario Hereford KO 2 August 26, 2000 United States Gallatin, TN
Win 2–1 United States Kanovas Alexander TKO 1 June 8, 2000 United States Barboursville, WV
Loss 1–1 United States Tim Knight Unanimous decision 4 March 22, 2000 United States Louisville, KY
Win 1–0 United States Reggie Strickland TKO 1 (4) November 10, 1999 United States Chester, WV

Professional wrestling[edit]

Bates made his professional wrestling debut on November 15, 2008 in Ashland, Kentucky at Ohio Championship Wrestling's November Reign, where he defeated Vinnie Viagra. He defeated "The Driller" Eddie Browning on December 13 at OCW's Season's Beatings.

Bates got his third victory at OCW on January 10, 2009 at the New Year's Bash by defeating NWA All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Champion "Pretty Boy" Stan Lee. Bates made his wrestling debut at an arena where he is undefeated in the boxing ranks, the Veterans Memorial Fieldhouse in Huntington, West Virginia, at 304 Wrestling's Battlefront. He defeated Vinnie Viagra in that outing.

Bates is now in training to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His progress is being documented in a YouTube series called "Being the Beast". The videos are available for viewing at

Television Shows[edit]

Bates is features on Monsters Underground a show that has aired on Discovery Channel as well as Destination America. On Monsters Underground Bill Brock led the team of Jeremy Bates, Craig McGhee and Casey Onik into the core of the earth looking for creatures. They explore some of the most hidden and dangerous caves in search of monsters such as the Rake and Draco.

Team Rogue[edit]

Bates continues to search for cryptids with Team Rogue. Team Rogue is a team out of Maine with Bill Brock and A.J. Marston. The team searches for creatures like Sasquatch and The Mothman. You can follow the search on Youtube and the Team Rogue web site..


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