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Jerome family
General Hospital family
Type Fictional family
Created by Ann Marcus
Norma Monty
H. Wesley Kenney
Origin Manhattan, New York City
Original run April 20, 1987 – present (present)
First appearance April 20, 1987

The Jerome family is a fictional family from the original ABC Daytime drama General Hospital. The family was first introduced in January 1987. As one of the most powerful families in organized crime, the Jeromes rose to popularity due to their longstanding feud with antihero Duke Lavery and his heroine wife, Anna Devane. However, by the spring of 1990, all of the major family members had been (presumably) killed off of the series. In 2013, the family was revived as part of an ongoing storyline.

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod)
    Born on November 18, 1928,[1] Victor was the patriarch of the family and the leader of the Jerome mob. Victor forced Duke Lavery into trying to help him legitimize the mob. However, those plans failed due to the fighting between his children. Victor is the father of Dino Antoinelli with Dimitra, Evan, Julian, and Olivia with an unnamed spouse, and Ava with Delia Ryan. Victor died on October 20, 1989 after Lucy Coe rejected him and he choked on a piece of jewelry he made for her.

Second generation[edit]

  • Dino Antoinelli (Chris DeRose)
    Victor's illegitimate son with his longtime mistress, Dimitra Antoinelli. Dino was raised by his mother, and eventually went to work for Victor's organization. It was not until 1988 that his paternity was revealed. A bitter Dino tried to kill his half-sister Olivia in an attempt to take over their father's organization for himself. Dino and Dimitra were later sent to prison for their part in Olivia's attempted murder, and Dino rejected Victor when his father came to visit him.
  • Evan Jerome, Sr. (Mentioned character)
    Evan was the oldest legitimate son of Victor, and considered the black sheep of the family. He married a woman named Veronica and together they had a son, Evan, Jr. In 1983, Evan met Duke Lavery in L'Orlean, Canada during a party at the home of Duke's father, Angus McKay. Evan was killed when he tried to rape Angus's daughter, Camelia. Duke and Angus covered up his murder while Camellia suffered a psychotic break and blocked out the event. Veronica wanted revenge, but Victor put an end to her scheming by banishing her to Europe.[2][3][4]
  • Olivia St. John (Tonja Walker)
    Victor's oldest daughter, born Olivia Jerome. She developed an obsession with Duke Lavery, and struggled with her brothers Julian and Dino for control of the family business. She was presumed dead after Julian killed her for betraying him. In 2017, she was revealed to be alive and the Jerome crime boss, looking to get revenge against Julian.
  • Julian V. Jerome (William deVry)
    Born in 1959, he is Victor's youngest son, and his most favored child. Shielded from the mob while growing up, but later went to work for his father anyway. Julian battled with his siblings for control of the empire. In 1990, Julian and Duke were both presumed killed during a struggle over a gun. Julian returned to Port Charles in 2013 looking to rebuild the Jerome Family empire with his younger sister, Ava. Julian has three known children; Lucas Jones with Cheryl Stansbury, Sam Morgan with Alexis Davis, and Leo Falconeri with Olivia Falconeri.
  • Ava Jerome (Maura West)
    Victor's illegitimate daughter with Delia Ryan. Ava came to Port Charles in 2013, working with her brother, Julian, to re-establish the family's power in Port Charles. Ava has two daughters: Kiki Jerome with Silas Clay, and Avery Corinthos with Sonny Corinthos.

Third generation[edit]

  • Evan Jerome, Jr. (Mentioned character)
    Son of Evan Jerome and his wife, Veronica. In 1990, Eric "Edge" Jackson pretended to be Evan Jerome, Jr. According to Victor's will, Evan, Jr. stood to inherit the entire family's estate. With Edge's true identity revealed, Anna Devane learned that the real Evan Jerome was a drug addict who once worked for Edge. The search for the real Evan began, but Edge believed he was already dead.[5] It was later confirmed that Evan Jr. had been killed in a car crash. The diamonds were taken by the IRS to pay Victor's back taxes.[6]
  • Samantha "Sam" Morgan (Kelly Monaco)
    Julian's daughter with Alexis Davis, born on May 11, 1980. Sam was illegally adopted by the McCall family, and grew up to be a con artist like her adoptive father, Cody McCall. Sam had a daughter with mob boss Sonny Corinthos, Lila, who was stillborn. She later fell in love with and married Sonny's right-hand man, Jason Morgan; they have a son, Danny.
  • Lucas Stansbury Jones (Ryan Carnes)
    Julian's son with Cheryl Stansbury, born in 1989. He was sold on the blackmarket by Victor shortly after birth — Cheryl is led to believe the child is dead. He is illegally adopted by Bobbie Jones, who names him after her brother Luke Spencer. Bobbie's schemes are exposed and she loses custody of the child to Cheryl, who leaves town with Lucas shortly after. When Cheryl dies, Lucas is briefly taken in by his aunt Tiffany Hill before he is legally adopted by Bobbie and her then husband Tony Jones. Lucas comes out as gay right before Tony's death. Lucas is currently married to colleague Brad Cooper.[7]
  • Lauren Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (Hayley Erin)
    Ava's daughter with Dr. Silas Clay born on May 29, 1992. However, Kiki was raised as the daughter of the crazed artist Franco. Kiki was married for a short time to Morgan Corinthos.
  • Avery Corinthos
    Ava's daughter with Sonny Corinthos born on November 4, 2014. Avery is stolen at birth by Nina Clay, who skips town with the baby and, with the help of Franco, makes plans to raise the baby as her own. The cops eventually catch up to Franco and Nina, and Avery is returned safely. Avery has been the subject of a bitter custody battle between her parents.
  • Leo Falconeri
    Julian's son with Olivia Falconeri born on May 2, 2015. During Olivia's pregnancy, it was believed that Ned Ashton was his father, but at the time of his birth, it was revealed that Julian is Leo's father. Shortly after birth, Olivia and Ned faked Leo's death in order to protect him from Julian's lifestyle. Ned took a prematurely born Leo to upstate New York for treatment and to keep him hidden from Julian. Olivia joined them shortly thereafter. Julian had no idea that Leo was really alive, until Alexis showed him a DNA test. Olivia and Julian later agreed to a shared custody arrangement for Leo.

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Lila McCall
    Sam's daughter with Sonny Corinthos. Jason Morgan pretended to be Lila's father to hide Sonny and Sam's affair from Carly Corinthos, Sonny's wife at the time. She was stillborn on November 8, 2004 when Sam went into premature labor during an argument with her own mother. Sam intended to name the baby after Jason's late grandmother, Lila Quartermaine, but the baby's legal name at the time of her death was "Baby Girl McCall."
  • Daniel Edward "Danny" Morgan
    Sam's son with Jason Morgan, born onscreen June 1, 2012. He is named after Sam's adoptive brother, Danny McCall and Jason's grandfather, Edward Quartermaine. Danny was originally believed to be the son of Franco. He was switched at birth with Victor Lord III, who was stillborn, and presumed dead for a while before being reunited with his parents.


Family tree[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance/Marriage
  • Solid = Child
Character is currently on the Show
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Dimitra Antoinelli
Victor Jerome
Unnamed wife
Delia Ryan
Dino Antoinelli
Veronica Jerome
Evan Jerome, Sr.
Olivia St. John
Alexis Davis
Julian Jerome
Cheryl Stansbury
Olivia Falconeri
Ava Jerome
Silas Clay
Evan Jerome, Jr.
Jason Morgan
Sam McCall
Sonny Corinthos
Lucas Jones
Leo Falconeri
Avery Corinthos
Kiki Jerome
Danny Morgan
Lila McCall



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